Anthony George

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Marketing director

On the features of advertising companies, consumer society, complexes, and alternative ways of development. Interview with TechBerry Marketing Director Mr. Anthony George.

– Mr. George, I propose to start with global issues. Do you think advertising and marketing are the same concepts, or is there a difference between them?

– For me, advertising and marketing are fundamentally different concepts. Advertising should be considered solely as a tool to promote your product. At the same time, marketing is a full-fledged working philosophy. It includes a set of various processes that help achieve your goals.

I am a philosopher at heart, so I consider anything from this point of view.

– What is your job? Are you in advertising, marketing, sales, or something else?

– Briefly answering your question, I will say that I do not do any of the above. Over the years of my work, I have learned a lot and accumulated sufficient experience, which allows me to maximize my functions and not get hung up on any specific tasks. For me, TechBerry is the most unusual company. It is far superior to anyone I have worked with, and her ambition knows no bounds. This opinion is shared by all company employees, which allows us to set the most difficult tasks for ourselves and gradually achieve them with our unique methods. Therefore, we can say that we are not looking for easy ways and are trying to find our direction of movement. This philosophy is correct. Catching our wave, everyone can achieve any goal.

– Does the fact that you occupy such a significant position prove your commitment to the company’s development philosophy? Or do you still adapt to specific requirements, changing your views on various things?

– I always preferred to go with the flow. It has always been fascinating to find something new and become a pioneer in my field. Therefore, I am especially inspired by working with people who share my views. This allows us to experiment and find something new that competitors have yet to consider. Continuing the philosophical theme, I will say that 50% of people, looking at a glass of water, will call it half empty, and the other 50% – half full. In this case, we will see spots on its walls. This approach to work is seen in our every action. We will wipe off all stains on the glass and make it as perfect as the liquid poured into it. At the same time, all competitors will continue to argue about banal things, not noticing how to create the highest quality product.

– Does such a complex approach to work live up to expectations? Is paying attention to details today necessary, or is it enough to deal only with global things?

– This topic will always be debatable. Its discussion will continue even after reading many books and attending many lectures. In our time, the consumer society perceives information differently. This is a complex that limits the perception of people and narrows the scope for obtaining operational data. But, it would be best if you interested the client from the first seconds. Otherwise, he will quickly forget your offer and never want to use it.

– From the first seconds? Literally?

– Absolutely. This rule applies to all areas of activity. For example, looking closely at some modern movies, you can easily see that the frame changes every 3-5 seconds. This is done so that the viewer does not get bored and does not switch to another channel. At least, this is the opinion expressed by professional marketers.

– The concept of “wonderful” not apply to TechBerry?

– You are right. Fortunately, this term does not apply to us. I do not want to speak badly about colleagues and their work methods. It’s just essential for everyone to understand that it is impossible to sell books and chewing gum in the same ways.

If you transfer all of the above to the work of TechBerry, then I can say that we are not engaged in sales and advertising. I promote the idea that our activities should create favorable conditions for communication with all clients.

– Simple communication can be beneficial for the company?

– In the case of TechBerry, we should talk about mutual benefit. Together with our clients, we are moving in our own direction, trying to avoid the annoying rules of the modern consumer society. In some things, this approach helps to simplify the process of achieving your goals, and in others, it makes it more difficult. Simplicity is achieved through the company’s developed methods of work, which are practical, efficient, and innovative. At the same time, all TechBerry customers are intelligent and demanding, leaving them with many questions. We have detailed answers for each of them, which helps to create the proper dialogue. Everything I said can be attributed to marketing processes. However, they contain a deeper and actively developing mechanism in our case.

– So, any kind of advertising will be ineffective?

– It all depends on how the author feels the audience for which he creates advertising. A simple poster near the road will work if he knows precisely what people want. In this case, the main words are not dimensions and exterior design.

People who care about our products and are interested in them are at a higher level of training than the average user. They are well aware of the capabilities of TechBerry and understand those nuances that, for ordinary people, will take much work to understand. This makes our task as difficult as possible. We must maintain a high level and always stay within a specific bar.

– So you need to study customers’ needs 24 hours a day?

– Your statement needs to be fairer about our work. Most often, we have the same priorities as our clients. Thanks to this, we need to keep in touch with people using various tools and learn about all their wishes or needs. In other words, we sail with them in the same boat and pursue common goals.

– Is it a kind of symbiosis or something else?

– This is a natural symbiosis. Everything our company does is incredible. People belonging to the target audience of TechBerry become professionals who can understand all the nuances of trading. Such mutually beneficial cooperation opens up unlimited opportunities, so I confidently look to our shared future.

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