Aqua FX Team Robot Review

by Forex EA Top Team
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Is Aqua FX Team’s robot a scam?

Today’s review will be about Aqua FX Team.

Aqua FX Team Robot presentation

Their site and presentation look weird because it’d be good to place this photo for makeup or clothes store, but not Forex.

Their system works no matter what the market is doing. If we want an EA that generates an income no matter the market conditions, Aqua Forex would be the perfect solution.

The steps to success, according to Aqua Forex:

  • It’s easy to operate.
  • We can check their live account’s feed.
  • Sign Up
  • Install The Program 

“If you still haven’t clicked the Buy Now button, then there is one final reason to take this fantastic opportunity today. We are so certain that the Aqua Forex Trading will work for you. We will put our money where our mouth is.” It’s so unprofessional to talk in this way to clients. The company provides 24/7 lifetime support. As part of the single fee for the Aqua Forex Trading, we get access to our support team any time of the day or night. Support can solve the next problems:

  • Technical Issues With The Software
  • Help In Understanding What The EA Is Doing
  • Removing From One Device And Installing On Another

Describing these problems shows that this product is for those who know nothing about Forex ultimately.

Aqua FX Team Robot presentation

The next we see is this strange clickable picture. Clicking on it, we found ourselves on the store page where we were offered to buy Mega EA Pack for $50 or get it for free.

We have to open a live account for free means, using a referral link and deposit on $200 minimum. After this, we have to send them a real account number and an investor password.

  • The package includes 96-97% Full Demo/Live version EAs.
  • 3%-4% EA, only Demo versions.
  • There’s no money-back guarantee.
  • There’s no support.
  • We’re not allowed to use Contact Us.
  • These EA won’t have updates.
  • “Read more: Risk Warning!” What does this mean? Usually, there’s a link on the Risk Warning article.

The list of EAs includes:

  • MT4 copier software
  • Max Drawdown Percent MT4 software
  • EX4 to MQ4 decompiler free download (old version)
  • MT4 to MT5 copy software
  • Forex Armor
  • Forex Fastron EA
  • Forex Alpha EA 
  • Max Turbo EA
  • Hyper EA
  • Assar EA
  • Fx Splitter EA
  • Fx Flight Pro
  • GoldBull Pro
  • Fx Shooter – Demo Test Result: Here
  • Forex Robotron V28
  • Exreign Forex EA
  • Forex Auto Millions
  • Forex Flex EA
  • Titan Scalper – Demo Test Result: Here
  • Forex Fury
  • Forex Driver EA
  • Oxygen FX Pro
  • Volatility Factor EA
  • Forex Cyborg EA
  • AI Scalper EA
  • Ghost Trader EA /GT Trader EA/
  • EA Boss Genius
  • Profit Nuclear EA
  • Page 2 – Click now
  • Smart Forex EA
  • Algo 2.0
  • Scalper EA Tuner 2020

There are also gifts:

  • Forex Real Profit EA
  • EA Tactics
  • Mega Droid
  • Renko Scalper
  • Trend Hunter
  • Forex Earth
  • FX Ekspert Moving Average EA
  • Aqua Forex Trading Free Signal
  • Broker Profit Free Signal

Dang! This is a big pile of garbage! 

To be eligible for Free Aqua Trading service, we need to open a new live MT4 Standard or ECN account through their website with partner brokers with minimum deposit: IC Markets, XM.

“Minimum deposit €1000 / $1000 Important! Cent account or demo – not allowed !! (free version) Leverage 1:500.” Wait a minute! You just said that $200 would be enough to get a free copy of a product, right? How does it become $1000?

Trading results

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

This account was funded at $1000 and blown out several days ago—the EA ran well for three weeks.

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

Anyway, the win-rate was good and amounted to 70.1%. So, there was probably a money management issue. The EA opens up to 4 trades daily.

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

The average trade length was 10 hours. The average win was $11.32, but the average loss -$79.27.

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

As we can see, the main symbols to trade were EUR/USD (31 orders) and GBP/USD (29 orders). Both pairs have brought huge losses (-$1214 and -$322) that can be covered from profits.

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

The Buy direction was a way to lose the whole account.

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

The first three weeks looked so promising. 

Aqua FX Team Robot Trading results

As we can see, something has changed in the money management, and the robot started, probably traded without Stor Loss levels.

The offer

We’ve got another price that calls that EA costs $300 for an unlimited version. So, for $50, was it a limited version?

The devs recommend us:

  • Minimum deposit €200 or $200
  • ECN or RAW spreads account
  • Leverage 1:500
Willing to try automated trading?
See the best forex robots rating to make the right choice.
Explore the list here >

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