Aspex EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Aspex EA

Aspex EA is claimed to have a 90-95% profitability rate. The vendor invites you to work with the robot so as to make big profits like them. Moreover, the robot is said to apply an intelligent analysis while looking for trading opportunities. So, you can just leave it to trade for you without lifting a finger. 

This system is the creation of expert software programmers who decided to combine their skills and knowledge to develop automated systems for trading the Forex market. However, the team members don’t reveal their real identities or the company they work under. Their location and contact details are also unknown.

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Aspex EA overview

The features of this robot include:

  • It trades using all timeframes although the recommended time frame is H4.
  • The EA allocates lots based on the size of an account.
  • The system trades on all currency pairs, but the vendor recommends traders use the GBPUSD and GBPJPY symbols.
  • It comes with an advanced risk and lot management system.


Aspex EA has two purchase options—$499 and $899. Both offer unlimited usage, but you will only have the chance to trade with 1 real account if you buy the first option. The second package features 2 real accounts. The vendor doesn’t offer a refund policy. 

How it works

This robot trades the Forex market automatically using algorithms created by the vendor. It essentially uses these algorithms to monitor the market and find trading opportunities on the user’s behalf. 

Trading strategy

The system follows the trend. However, the vendor doesn’t provide specific details on what this strategy entails. In general, the method focuses on identifying trade entry points on a trend with the goal of earning profits. 

Trading results

Backtest results are unavailable. It is not clear if the team tested the workability of this algorithm or not. Lucky enough, live trading results are presented on MQL5. The main problem is that they are not verified. 

Live trading stats on MQL5.

We have a live account that was opened in December 2021 and deposited at $24201.43. The robot has engaged in 452 trades for the 68 days it has been trading on this account. The profitability rate is 82.1%, while the loss rate is 17.9%. So far, the generated profit amount, which is $12022.44, is quite decent. Unfortunately, the drawdown (93.5%) is sky-high. It means that the trading strategy is very risky and is about to burn this account. 

Performance of trades.

The account has a monthly growth rate of 372.81% and a profit factor of 1.11. There’s an average profit of $318.53 and an average loss of -$1310.51. Apparently, the strategy seems to be a magnet for losses. We can also see that the system has lost a large amount of money (-$26850) from its worst trade.  

Performance of currency pairs.

The XAUUSD currency is the most lucrative instrument despite carrying out lesser trades than the GBPUSD symbol. 

Customer reviews

The only review for this system was written over a year ago. No other customer has commented on it since then. This client had a bad experience with the product. The EA wiped his account clean leading him to conclude that it is a scam.

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