Blue Mind FX Review

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Blue Mind FX

Does Blue Mind FX provide free signals?

Blue Mind FX

We’ve got a three-page presentation of a Blue Mind FX signal providing company. 

Blue Mind FX presentation

It’s not so much intel to talk about, but there’s a free Telegram channel and this is good.

The front features are:

  • They provide reliable signals. These Forex signals come with full charts, analysis, follow up, and updates. We won’t be left in the unknown.
  • We’ll be a part of an active community. We’ll have access to an active community of traders from all over the world within a Discord Server where all signals, education webinars, and analysis are shared. It’s a great sense of community and we’ll like to be a part of it.
  • The company provides a full education. A Blue Mind FX Premium Gold membership grants us instant access to over 25 hours of high-quality material. They break down their entire knowledge, strategies, tools, tips, and ways of doing technical analysis. We won’t believe how much we’ll learn and grow as a trader.

The service runs under Richard’s supervision.

Blue Mind FX presentation

So, it seems we can rely on this guy.

  • Rich has got about 5 years of trading experience.
  • The signal will be delivered via Discord every day.
  • He sends signals during the Late London, Full New-York, and Early Asian Sessions.
  • He trades several pairs including XAU/USD, most USD/XXX pairs, most GBP/XXX pairs.
  • He trades US30 from time to time.
  • The signal frequency is 4 ones a day.

Onsite trading results

Blue Mind FX trading results

So, we’ve got several pairs traded in two weeks. The devs said that there’d be 4 signals a day, but we saw 4-5 signals a week. The profit depends on the week.

The main Telegram channel and social network profiles

Blue Mind FX Telegram channel

There are 4798 subscribers on the main channel.

Blue Mind FX Blue Mind FX Telegram channel

Signals are provided with proper charting, risk suggestions, and pips expectations. The average post is viewed by 600-1100 people.

Blue Mind FX Blue Mind FX Telegram channel

There’s a quiz and give away. Dev helps people with knowledge.

Blue Mind FX FB

A FB page doesn’t have much love as well as followers.

Blue Mind FX Instagram

The Instagram page is more alive than FB’s. There are 5219 followers and 121 posts.

Blue Mind FX Instagram

The average post includes analysis and some description, has likes, and people’s comments.


Blue Mind FX Pricing

After the Summer sale was applied pricing is incredibly cheap. The free package includes 3 signals a week, chart, and analysis. The Silver package costs $40 for 3 months. We’ll receive 4 signals a day and we’ll be allowed to join a members’ exclusive chat. The most extended package is a Gold one. It costs $100 for 3 months. We’ll get access to a full education, webinars, tips, and analysis. We’ll be able to join Discord and get “so much more…:”

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