Botee.Trade Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
Botee.Trade Review: What You Need to Know

Botee.Trade boasts automated crypto bots designed for use by pro traders. The bot helps in the efficient automation of your crypto trading on the supported exchanges 24/7. This platform is an advanced cloud-based system that allows you to create and automate your trading approach in the crypto market. The service supports the Binance and Bitfinex exchanges with support for margin and OCO trading.

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What is Botee.Trade?


Launched in 2018, the crypto bot was designed to work on complex crypto strategies effortlessly. The bot can use all types of strategies ranging from technical analysis to crowd wisdom methods. With the smart execution algorithm, the bot uses features like TP, SL, DCA, Trailing stop, and more. It is capable of testing approaches on real-time and historical data.

Price:$60/month to $270/month
Payment Options: Bitcoin only
Supported Exchanges:Binance, Bitfinex
Cloud Based: Yes
Strategies: Basic (cross, TP, SL, Instant, Always), Advanced (DCA, Trailing Stop)

Is it easy to use Botee.Trade?

As per the vendor, the platform is easy to launch in your browser or locally. It offers a full-service mobile service. You can choose from the basic and advanced approaches present. Before starting the trading, you can use the free backtesting feature and the real paper trading feature. You can pick the plan of your choice from the unlimited number of backtesting present. The interface is flexible and the dashboard has all features needed for seamless trading.

Using the service is easy and completed in a few simple steps listed below:

  1. Visit the official site and create an account by entering your email or phone number and creating a password
  2. Log in with the credentials sent to your email
  3. Add a new bot and choose from the different pricing packages present
  4. You will receive an email notification for confirmation of the bot
  5. Add API keys for your exchange account and link it with the bot 
  6. Select the currency pair and candle period, set up a strategy, and upload settings
  7. You can backtest or use simulation trading before you start trading with real currency
  8. Now your bot is ready to trade on the real exchange

Features of Botee.Trade

Some of the key features that the vendor focuses on for this bot are:

Flexible trading

The platform has several trading tools available for use such as TA indicators, averaging, Trailing Stops, leverage, margin, and more. You can also combine the strategies and use them as a single method.

User-friendly interface

Using the platform is easy due to the user-friendly interface design. You do not require coding skills to manage the settings or monitor the trades. Further, the system is mobile-friendly so you can manage it from your smartphone, tablet, or PC easily.

Backtesting and Paper trading

You can find out the efficacy of your chosen strategy by backtesting it on historical data. You can also use the simulated trading option that lets you try the trading without putting your capital at risk.  

Strengths and weaknesses of Botee.Trade

Fully automated botNo verified performance proof
Backtesting and Paper tradingExpensive pricing plans
Free trialLack of vendor transparency

Is Botee.Trade good? 

The platform offers multiple strategies, smart charts, and allows simulation trading and backtesting which ensure newbie traders have an easy learning curve. However, the lack of performance proof and the absence of vendor transparency are factors to consider before you decide on this service. 

Is Botee.Trade safe?

As per the vendor, the service uses dedicated trading servers with a fault-tolerant system. The bot uses API keys to trade on the exchanges and the keys do not have withdrawal permission making your funds safe and secure.

Customer support

For support, the service provides links to Telegram and Discord. A phone number and an email address are present for contact.


According to the vendor, the system was started in 2018 with the development starting in 2017. We could not find further info on the vendor as there are no details present such as the team members, their expertise and experience, the location, and more.

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