Bsc Rocket Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
Bsc Rocket Review: What You Need to Know

Bsc Rocket is an automated crypto trading bot that provides simple but very effective crypto tracking features. You can view all your transactions besides monitoring the trading and other aspects of your crypto asset. One of the main features of the bot is its instant updates on changes in crypto coin rates via its Telegram channel. The vendor boasts over 25 bot channels, 2500 main channel users, and more than 3000 channel users. 

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What is Bsc Rocket?

Bsc Rocket is a Telegram bot that allows easy and quick tracking of your crypto assets. The automated software tracks your coins in real-time. You can also see all your transactions instantly using the Telegram bot.

Price:1-3 BNB
Payment Options: Crypto
Supported Exchanges:N/A
Cloud-Based: N/A
Strategies: N/A

Is it easy to use Bsc Rocket?

As per the vendor, the bot works quickly and is one of the most stable bots. It works by monitoring your crypto assets on the exchanges effectively. You can view your crypto portfolio, transactions, and other processes with the Telegram bot. 

To use the bot, you need to choose from the available pricing packages, which include the Standard Plan (1BNB) and the Premium Plan (3 BNB). Features common to the two packages are an unlimited number of channel users on Telegram and an unlimited number of bot channel users. 24/7 support, price change log chart, and the ability to publish on BscRocket channels are the other common features found in the two packages. 

The Premium plan has additional features like message adverts on every channel for 2 weeks and pinned for 2 days on the BscRocket channels. We could not find info on a refund offer for the packages. The lack of a money-back guarantee or a trial period raises suspicion about the reliability of the product.

Features of Bsc Rocket

The vendor does not reveal much info about the product on the official site. From the minimal info present, here are some of the key features that make this crypto bot stand apart from its competitors as per the vendor.

Fast response time

The vendor promises a quick response time which enables the bot to display info almost instantly. With no lag time, you will be able to capitalize on the changing prices and other market movements and profit from them. 

Round the clock support

Customer support is provided 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The vendor assures support for all issues you face with using the bot.

 Price change charts

Charts with price change information are part of the features offered by the bot.  You can view the changes in crypto rates instantly with the chart info.

Strengths and weaknesses of Bsc Rocket

Strengths  Weaknesses
Unlimited bot channel usersVery minimal info present on the bot and its features
Quick response timeNo info on security measures used
Payment only in BNB

Is Bsc Rocket good?

The quick and instant publishing feature and the stability of the bot are features that ensure users benefit from the bot. We also found that the bot’s ability to monitor price changes, publish on BscRocket channels, and round-the-clock support are other features that make it an effective tool to assist in profitable crypto trading.

Is Bsc Rocket safe?

The vendor does not provide details on the security measures used by the company to ensure that user data and privacy are safe. The lack of info raises doubts about the safe use of the platform.

Customer support

For support, the vendor provides a Telegram channel link and links to social media pages of the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, when we checked, the links to the social media pages are not working.


There are no company details present for the bot. We could not find the info such as the founding year, the team members, their experience and their expertise, location address, phone number, etc. Other than the domain name being registered for 2021, we could not find any info about the company so we are unable to know about the reputation of the vendor.

Bottom line

Bsc Rocket boasts unique features with its Telegram price bot. The instant publishing feature and stable setup are advantages of the system. However, we found shortcomings in the system such as the lack of sufficient info on the working method of the bot, the performance, and security. The lack of vendor transparency is another drawback that you need to consider before deciding on using this bot.

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