Coygo Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
Coygo Review: What You Need to Know

Coygo offers crypto trading bots that are said to be simple, secure, and fast. The devs strive to add more strategies to expand a trader’s choices. For now, they are investigating more types of arbitrage, such as deep arbitrage, scalping, etc., to include on the platform.   

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What is Coygo?

Coygo is a platform that provides users with an assortment of tools to help them master crypto day trading, arbitrage, and data insights. It also offers everything, including a portfolio tracker, you need to remain up to date and be ahead of the competition. 

Price:$1/day, $155/year, $5/week, or $17/month
Payment Options:N/A
Supported Exchanges:Coinbase, Gemini, Bittrex, KuCoin, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Binance.US 
Cloud Based:Yes
Strategies:Triangular arbitrage, grid trading, market making, swing trading, and more

Is it easy to use Coygo?

Coygo is user-friendly as most of its bots come preconfigured. A simple programming language is also provided for users who want to develop their own algorithms. Moreover, the registration process is pretty simple. It involves these few steps:  

  1. Click the sign up button available on the top right corner of the official page
  2. Provide your name and email address
  3. Press the register icon and a confirmation link will be sent to your account
  4. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to a page requesting your password. After you provide this info, you qualify to access Cygo’s features 

Features of Coygo

Coygo has integrated many features, and we have presented some of them below: 

Unified terminal

This offers an easy and robust interface for each exchange supported, enabling the user to conduct and transfer trades across the exchanges smoothly. 

Trading bots

The platform provides real-time bots that support arbitrage and crypto day trading. You are also allowed to create your own strategies with simple JavaScript code. 

Near-zero latency

Coygo’s servers don’t take up the role of a middle man, so they don’t have latency. Therefore, you can link your computer directly to every exchange for real-time order books, ticker data, and trades. 

Pre-order calcs

These help you to work out slippage before submitting orders by evaluating the order book.

Order book superiority

This feature allows the user to see a live analysis of order book superiority for all open orders within 5% of the last price, allowing them to quickly assess bid vs. ask pressure.

Strengths and weaknesses of Coygo

Comes with preconfigured strategiesNo customer feedback
Fair pricing 
No latency
Easy to use

Is Coygo good?

At first sight, Coygo looks like a good platform. It mainly focuses on providing the tools users need to optimize and enhance their trading processes. The platform constantly adds more features and strategies to meet the unique demands of its growing customer base. It even integrated a new feature (Coygo Terminal) to offer you the support you need with the bots.  

Is Coygo safe?

Coygo is relatively safe because its servers do not store your API keys. The credentials of your exchange account are held safely in an encrypted form on your own hard drive. Therefore, no one can steal your data as long as you have employed the essential cyber security measures. Moreover, the trading bots don’t store your funds, so third parties cannot access them even if they manage to hack your device. 

Customer support

If you need help with anything, visit the bot’s support portal to view FAQs, manuals, find troubleshooting info, and create or track support tickets. Although the vendor provides a live chat option, we discovered that it was not functional at the time we were writing this review.  


Coygo was created by Evan Francis, a graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is described as a full-stack software engineer by trade and is committed to creating user-focused products. Mr. Evans works with two other engineers, namely Dorian Kersch, who is the CIO, and Ellery Addington-White, the CTO of the company. 

The reputation of Coygo in the market is still unclear. This is because it lacks customer reviews from a reputable site like Trustpilot. 

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