Dragon EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Dragon EA

We’d like to talk about AlnoTrade’s robot called a Dragon EA.

Dragon EA team

There are higher chances that the company has a real team behind the products they introduce. 

Dragon EA

The box looks cool and spicy. 

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Dragon EA Overview

Dragon EA Overview

The presentation looks unprofessional, bad-designed, and not user friendly in general.

Dragon EA presentation

The presentation is featured by these rates from Google, FPA, and SiteJabber.

Dragon EA presentation

In Google, they have a five-star rate.

Dragon EA presentation

Sitejabber gave them five stars, too, based on two fake reviews.

Dragon EA customer reviews

FPA’s rate is much lower and equals 3.59.

Dragon EA presentation

The EA has the next settings that allow us to customize our trading experience:

  • The robot opens trade consistently to make more profits during a day without need to wait for one big trade.
  • We can set Lot Size for every trade and risk. If we trade with high leverage, it can force the account to high losses or big gains.
  • A Stop Loss feature focuses on decreasing possible losses, keeping our account safe.
  • The robot doesn’t perform risky strategies like Martingale, Grid, or Cost Averaging.
Dragon EA presentation
  • The money-management system lets us work with different risks for various symbols.
  • It has Trailing Stop Loss, break evens, and other options to close deals.
  • The default settings are optimized, and we don’t need any additional improvements.
  • We can trade from a PC, running a demo account to check its performance.
  • We can run the robot with others on the same account without a conflict.


There are two ways to get a Dragon Scalper.

Dragon EA Pricing
Dragon EA Pricing

The first one is to buy it for 200 EUR with 100 EUR OFF. This package includes two real-account licenses. The EA will receive free updates and upgrades. The installation takes several minutes before we start making money.

Dragon EA 60-day money-back guarantee

If we buy it, we can rely on a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Dragon EA free live version

The second one is more complicated:

  • We have to open a real account on a VantageFX broker using their referral link.
  • We have to fund the account at over 500 EUR.

In addition, we receive:

  • Low spreads on the ECN account (0.5 pips).
  • Lot Sizing starts from 0.01.
  • The welcome $250 bonus.
  • The commission is $6 per a traded standard lot.
  • The company is regulated by ASIC and CIMA regulators.
  • Quick account withdrawing/depositing.

How it works

There are several features:

  • It trades automatically.
  • The EA places Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

Trading Strategy

The EA performs a scalping strategy at the opening of a European market.

Trading Results

Dragon EA Myfxbook

We have a real EUR account. It’s a standard one (not aggressive trading) on IC Markets. The robot trades using technical indicators with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account track record is verified, but there’s much intel hidden from us. It was started several months ago, on July 11, 2020. Since then, the absolute gain has become +453.28%. An average monthly gain is +54.16% (because of the first several trades) with the maximum drawdown (13.87%).

Dragon EA drawdown

The period of big drawdowns has gone with high risks trading.

Dragon EA advanced statistics

The robot performed 84 deals with 403 pips. An average win (15.75 pips) is just a little lower than an average loss (-24.24 pips). The win-rate is high (Longs – 73% and Shorts – 71%). An average trade length is one day and seven hours. 

Dragon EA Trading Results

The robot performs, as it was mentioned, only a GBP/JPY trading pair. Both directions, BUY and SELL, got the same level of success.

Dragon EA Trading Results

The robot mostly trades during the European market opening for the next several hours with going down activity.

Dragon EA Trading Results

All days were traded equally by a Dragon EA.

Dragon EA Trading Results

It runs with quite high risks to the account balance (as usual for scalpers).

Dragon EA Trading Results

The system uses hidden from a broker Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and, as we can see, there’s a Trailing Stop Loss to trade every deal all the way.

Dragon EA monthly gain

After risks were decreased, the monthly gain went down to 4.37%.

Dragon EA Trading Results

The account was funded, and there were placed three high risky trades in a row. There could be Arbitrage traded deals.

Customer Reviews

Dragon EA Customer Reviews

There are links to articles on other sites. It’s rare to see that they work. There are really articles about this service. They can be SEO ones, but anyway, it looks better than nothing.

Dragon EA Customer Reviews

The company has a profile on Forex Peace Army with a 3.59/5-star rate based on six reviews. From the descriptions, we found out that there was no mention of the Dragon EA.

Dragon EA Customer Reviews

As usual, there’s a negative comment. The devs countered it by the fact that this client has closed deals manually and hasn’t let the EA work properly.

Dragon EA Customer Reviews

The rest of the comments are positive like that.

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