EA Black Dragon Review

by Forex EA Top Team
EA Black Dragon

EA Black Dragon is a trading solution for Forex that works with an unrevealed strategy. The advisor had trading results shown that were hidden about three days ago. It’s suspicious. The presentation is simple and not quite informative. 

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EA Black Dragon features

The system has some details explained. We also have a list of features and other useful intel written. 

  • The system was designed to help us with automatic trading.
  • The system has received an 8.0 update. 
  • It’s rate is over 4 from the 5 scale. 
  • There were five activations occurred.
  • “The EA opens a deal by indicator color, then there is the opportunity to increase the network of orders or work with stop loss. Works on accounts that support hedging.”
  • We must write the dev after we purchase the robot to get bonuses. 
  • We are free to work with GBPUSD. 
  • The time frame to trade is M15. 
  • The balance requirements are $1000. 
  • We can decide what directions we’d like to trade. 
  • The advisor allows customization of SL and TP levels. 
  • It avoids trading during high spreads. 
  • We can skip several hours from trading. 
  • The magic number can mark its own trades. 
  • “It is possible to use a modified stochastic to enter, using the color of the black dragon indicator as a filter.”


The system has become more affordable. Instead of $50, we have a $30 price. There’s no rental option. The system can be downloaded for executing backtest and checking settings. 

How it works

  • It works automatically for us. 
  • The system calculates risks, lot sizes, TP and SL levels for us. 
  • It opens and closes orders for us. 

Trading strategy

  • We don’t know what strategy was chosen as the core one. 
  • The trading is allowed on GBPUSD. 
  • We should attach it to the M15 chart. 

Trading Results

EA Black Dragon backtest report.

We have a backtest of GBPUSD on M15 based on ten years of the tick data. The leverage was 1:500. An initial deposit was $1,000 that turned into $308,951 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 2.14 when the recovery factor was 2.89. The system has performed 3342 orders with a win rate of 73%.

EA Black Dragon trading results.

The developers removed a link on this account several days ago. We may note that the robot worked on a real RoboForex account with 1:500 leverage. The maximum drawdowns were 0.5% and the deposit load was low either – 0.9%. 

EA Black Dragon details.

The robot executed 20 orders weekly. An average holding time was 8 hours. 

EA Black Dragon growth chart.

All profits were obtained in November 2021. 

EA Black Dragon closed orders.

There were all trades profitable. 

EA Black Dragon statistics.

The system executed 17 orders with 100% of the win rate. The best trade was $524. We had no profit factor because the radiocarbon hasn’t lost any order. 

EA Black Dragon cross pairs.

Almost all profits were gained on Gold. 

Customer reviews

People testimonials.

It’s hard to tell when everyone wrote that the system is good but the dev decided to remove trading results. There something doesn’t match. 

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

The developer is from Russia with a 171,203 rate. The protocol includes ten products with six signals. The products have a 4.9 rate based on 160 reviews.

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