Forex Blade LLC Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Forex Blade

Forex Blade LLC unites several services: education courses, a robot, and an application.

well-known media

His owner is featured by many well-known media.

Forex Blade LLC presentation

So, he’s a 21-year-old man who succeeded in Forex.

Forex Blade LLC presentation

He starts providing signals for $100 monthly.

Forex Blade LLC The site blog

The site blog includes useless SEO-oriented articles.

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Forex Blade LLC Features

Forex Blade LLC Features

Let’s talk about their products.

Forex Blade LLC products

This EA has several features:

  • It can work on a demo account or on a real one.
  • It’s designed by “the best programmers in the world.” Of course, it’s a lie.
  • It has real results (it’s a lie) and clients.
  • A 14-day free trial is provided.
Forex Blade LLC features

We’ve completed registration, having provided a fake email. So, there’s no link to trading results. It disappointed us.

Forex Blade LLC registration

From this information, we knew that this EA is a 100% scam. Only a scammer can offer us to trade without SL. The developer suggests we use FXChoice as a brokerage company to get a 15% deposit bonus. There’s a 30-day trial. On the previous page, it was only 14 days. 

Forex Blade LLC 404 page

Clicking “To use on Live,” we’ve been sent to a 404 page. Settings are insane, too: to trade with 0.01 Lot Size, we have to have $1000 of margin. It can be used on 3-4 pairs maximum. The most favorite ones to trade: USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and EURJPY. Take Profit should be set at 17 pips.

Forex Blade LLC affiliate program

What does this mean? Are you sure that this is how the affiliate program should look like?

Forex Blade LLC products

The second EA is just a renamed copy of the first EA.

From the presentation, we’ve found out that the robot uses a Martingale strategy on the no-named original one. 

Forex Blade LLC presentation

This is all that the developers wanted to tell us about the EA.

Forex Blade LLC presentation

The courses have to help us to trade manually.

Forex Blade LLC courses

The courses are good for nothing because they’re for beginners. There’s nothing for people who know what to press in MT4 and which indicators have to be followed. There’s no information about strategies and differences between them and traders’ trading styles.


Forex Blade LLC Pricing

The course costs $250. It’s an overpriced offer compared to other educational sites.

How it works

If we talk about the EA, we have to attach it to the chart and trade without SL, praying that all deals will be profitable.

Trading Strategy

The developers didn’t introduce the EAs properly. We didn’t know what the main strategy and indicators are behind the system. We only know there’s Martingale that doubles Lot Size after each lost trade.

Trading Results

We’ve checked every corner of the site, but there are no results at all. Google and myfxbook don’t know about this system at all.

Customer Reviews

Forex Blade LLC Customer Reviews
Forex Blade LLC Customer Reviews

The site is featured by some fake comments without any specifics of trading experience. 

Forex Blade LLC books

It’s the best and only one positive part of all his company. There are links to several books that can help traders.

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