Forex Combo System Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Forex Combo System

Forex Combo System is a fully automated trading system claiming to have 10 years of proven profits in Forex. This product by FXautomater promises long-term profits consistently and systematically. 

We could not find info on the developer or the team responsible for developing and promoting this FX EA. There is no location address or phone number provided. Further, the vendor does not reveal info about the founding year, history of the company, and more. 

For customer support, the only method the vendor offers is an online contact form. This lack of transparency makes us suspect the dependability of this EA. For a system to be reliable we look into certain crucial factors like the features, performance, trading approach, price, support, and a few others. To know about the best expert advisor products, look at our list of the best Forex robots.

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Forex Combo System offering

Features of Forex Combo System.

Our review of the site shows the following factors the vendor is boasting of to promote the product:

  • Four consistently effective strategies are used by the FX EA.
  • It supports four currency pairs, namely EURUSD, EURAUD, EURCAD, and GBPUSD.
  • The ability to set a risk level which influences the ROI you get.
  • SL protection is used to manage losses and money management rules can be customized depending on the risk profile you select
  • The ATS does not open new positions in a volatile market situation which avoids broker slippage.
  • Ten-year historical testing and live trading results are present for the system which the vendor claims are proof of stable returns the system provides.


Pricing package of Forex Combo System.

To buy this FX robot, you need to pay $137. The cost is inclusive of a single real money account, four trading systems in one expert advisor, and a 60-day money-back assurance. Other features provided with the package include an installation guide, access to the member section, an unlimited number of demo accounts, free lifetime updates, and 24/7 support. When compared to other competitor products in the market, the price of this FX EA is affordable.

How it works

As per the vendor, once you purchase the package and set it up, the EA evaluates the market situation using its inbuilt algorithms. It uncovers hidden opportunities regardless of the condition of the market. The system is fully compatible with any broker. Users get notifications on the trading positions via email or mobile. The vendor claims that this FX robot is compatible with other EAs. 

Trading strategy

The strategies used by Forex Combo System.

According to the vendor info, this product uses scalping, trend detection, market corrections, and range detection approaches. A short explanation of each of the approaches is present on the official site. Backtesting reports are also present. Here is a backtesting result for the EURUSD pair using the M5 timeframe done from 2007 up to 2018.

Backtesting report for Forex Combo System.

From the above report, we find the EA has generated a net profit of $33307 from an initial deposit of $1000 with a profit factor of 1.64 and a maximal drawdown of 57.745. The profitability percentage is 79.71%. Since the modeling quality is 90% only, it is not adequate to reveal crucial info like the slippage, commission, etc. From the backtesting result, we can see the drawdown is very high and profits are low indicating an ineffective approach and below-average performance.

Trading results

The vendor provides a demo USD account using the Alpari RU broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site. 

Growth curve showing the performance of Forex Combo System.
Advanced trading stats of Forex Combo System.

From the above stats, the total profit generated is 235.87% and a similar value is present for the absolute profit. A daily and monthly profit of 0.07% and 2.21% are present for the account. The drawdown is 47.19%. A deposit of $352 has generated a profit of $831.90 for the live demo account started in February 2017.  The total number of trades executed is 936 with 60% profitability and a profit factor value of 1.24. 

From the trading history, we can see the lot size used is 0.02. Comparing the backtesting report and the demo account result it is clear that the accounts have a big drawdown and low profitability. The results indicate an ineffective and risky strategy resulting in poor performance.

Customer reviews

User complaining of poor performance of Forex Combo System.
Negative customer review.

We found 5 reviews for this EA on the Forexpeacearmy site. From the reviews, it is clear that the real account results show poor performance which corroborates our analysis of the demo account and backtesting results.

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