Forex Heist EA Review

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Forex Heist EA

Forex Heist EA is automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform that claims to help traders to get long-term trade benefits with zero price fluctuations and it compatible with world economic changes. Let us dig into it to determine if the robot is worthy of buying.

The website of Forex Heist EA is nicely designed with professional touch so you can navigate through options easily. However, there is no information about the developers on the site. It is only stated that professional forex traders, programmers, statisticians, accountants, economists, and MT4 experts have developed it, but this is not enough. In today’s competitive market, every trader wants to know about the vendor before purchasing an EA. So, this is definitely something that the developers must pay attention to. 

Forex Heist EA Offered plans

Forex Heist EA offers four plans to clients. The Starter pack comes for $70 per month. You get a 1-month single license with it. Then comes the Standard pack for $100 per month and it offers VPS along with a 1-month single license. The next one is the Professional pack that comes for $700 per year and it offers a 1-year single license. Finally, there is the Premium pack for $2000 which is a one-time purchase. It offers a lifetime single license. 

Type Automated EA
Price $70 – $2000
Strategy Not disclosed
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs EURUSD
Timeframe M15
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage 1:400

Automated Trading Strategy

The developers of Forex Heist EA do have not provided any information about the trading strategy. From their site, we only know that the EA is a combination of market analyst software and machine learning models. By studying market trends, it performs history analysis and keeps an eye on the economic flow and important updates. However, these lines do not shed any line on the strategy and approach of the EA which is disappointing. 

Strategy Backtests

From backtest reports and live performance, you can see how useful an EA could be. Forex Heist EA offers backtest reports on its website so you can check them out to decide whether to buy the robot or not. The backtest reports show results from the trades in the last one year and four months.

Forex Heist EA Backtest Data Analysis

Forex Heist EA Backtest Data Analysis

Forex Heist EA Backtest Data Analysis

Forex Heist EA Live Trading Performance

Forex Heist EA has an active trading account on Myfxbook. From what we see, the chart does not look like a scam. The track records and trading privileges are verified. All statistics are open to see. Moreover, the chart is updated very recently. 

Myfxbook Account Forex Heist EA (Real USD)
Started May 1, 2020
Deposit $51
Balance $170.13
Gain +233.59%
Daily 2.21%
Monthly 96.68%
Drawdown 47.03%
Profitability 84%

As for the stats, the account started with $51 in deposits on May 1, 2020. With zero withdrawal, the account balance is $170.13 at present. It has made a profit of $119.13. Both the gain and absolute gain are +233.59%. The daily and monthly is 2.21% and 96.68% respectively. The account has maintained an impressive 100% of equity but at the same time, it has a dangerously high level of drawdown which is 47.03%. 

Forex Heist EA Myfxbook

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