FX Classic Trader Review

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FX Classic Trader

FX Classic Trader is a robot that has a semi-professional presentation because there’s little important information about robot features and settings details. The vendor claims that they “ Are Provide Creative Forex Expert Advisor” and add that it’s the “Best Business Solution” for their clients. For more intel, please, read our FX Classic Trader presentation.

FX Classic Trader presentation

FX Classic Trader Features

FX Classic Trader Features
  • The company put many efforts into developing FX Classic Trader.
  • The EA trades fully automatically.
  • The system automatically places Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • The robot was designed only for the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • The EA has a smart money-management system.
  • We can use it on any broker we want.
  • FX Classic Trader follows FIFO and NFA regulator rules.
  • There’s lifetime support provided.
  • We have to use the account on rough-spread ECN accounts.
  • The minimum leverage should be 1:50.
  • The optimal leverage is from 1:100 to 1:500.
  • The system is designed for 5-digit brokers and accounts only.
  • The minimum margin requirement for a 0.01 Lot is $200.
  • We have to use the robot on a VPS service to increase execution speed.
  • The EA should be left online 24/7.
  • We can work with it on Standard, Micro, and Mini accounts.


FX Classic Trader Pricing

There are three packs: Basik, Business, and Premium. The Basic package costs $109. It includes one real and one demo account. The Business pack costs $129 and features two real and two demo accounts. The Premium package costs $149, and there are three real and demo accounts. There’s no money-back guarantee provided. It’s a bad sign.

How it works

It works fully automatically on an MT4 account on the ECN broker and VPS service.

Trading Strategy

The EA trades price swinging between Support and Resistance levels. It uses MT4 indicators to analyze market conditions.

FX Classic Trader backtest

There’s a EUR/GBP backtest only. It was run on the H1 time frame. The modeling quality was 90%. The maximum spreads were set at 20 pips. An initial deposit was $499. The total net profit was $783073. The Profit Factor was great – 13.23. The maximum drawdown was high as well (-14.78%). FX Classic Trader has traded 429 deals with an 85%-86% win-rate. 

Trading Results

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The robot works on the real USD account. The balance is $15700. It was created on March 29, 2020. The margin level is stable – 1406%.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The total return has become – 132.5%. The monthly return is +18.1%. The maximum drawdown is impossibly low – 1.8%. The win-rate is 67%. The Profit Factor is 2.01. An average trade frequency is almost five deals weekly. The account is live for 313 days.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The Risk to Reward Ratio is high – 4.47. The account is run with the lowest possible risks. An average trade length is almost three days. An average winning deal is +$169 when an average losing deal is -$171.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The robot trades the SELL direction (119) more frequently than the BUY one (99 deals). The Profit Rates and Win-rates are almost equal. 

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

There’s a single strategy – #673729.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

Tuesday is the most traded day – 49 deals when the most profitable is Friday – $3287.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The robot focuses on trading during only the European trading hours.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The last four-month profit factor was from 1.26 to 1.77. During the previous periods, it was much higher.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The pre last week has brought almost no profits – $13.67.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

There are three open orders. If they get closed, the account will lose over 60%.

Customer Reviews

FX Classic Trader Customer Reviews

The presentation mentioned that there are 2114 happy clients from 2190. We’ve seen this claim for half a year. Probably, it should have been changed, right? There should have been involved more clients, more copies sold, etc. So, these statements are fake.

FX Classic Trader Customer Reviews

The company owns a profile on Forex Peace Army. There’s a connected account we’ve analyzed. People have provided no comments or reviews.

Other notes

FX Classic Trader email

The company doesn’t use a professional email and keeps running Gmail service.

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