FX Constant Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Constant

FX Constant aims to provide consistent monthly growth by following 20 price action patterns from the developers. The EA uses the notable martingale strategy yet fails to give any good consistency on the promise. There is no information on the developers, and we are left with backtesting and live results to trust the system.

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FX Constant Features

FX Constant presents itself as a top solution for fast trading and capital protection. A small yet comprehensive website offers details on the backtest and live results. The company indicates that current performance is not a guarantee of future outcomes on its terms and conditions page. There is little to no insight into the trading strategy of the robot. The automated algorithm is available for both the 4th and 5th versions of the industry-standard MetaTrader platform. A detailed user manual will be provided if a trader buys the software. The so-called 30-day refund policy is at hand only if you experience a 35% drawdown during the period using their recommended settings and show live proof of your portfolio.


The EA is currently available for $295, including a single license for any portfolio demo or live. 

FX Constant price

How it works

After purchasing the expert advisors, the robot will be available to download via the owner or a third-party website or email within three days. After receiving the software, a trader has to install it within the expert’s directory of his MT 4 or 5 platform. The robot will work on a single demo or live portfolio, and you will have to provide the account number to the developers. You can also change the account number as per desire.

Trading Strategy

The developers state that the algorithm does not use indicators but follows their own price action market analysis based on 20 different patterns fed within. The expert advisor scans the possible opportunities within the boundaries of 20 prints and opens a trade on the buy or sell-side, respectively. Each pattern comes with unique coded information that puts a specific entry and exit point and trade direction to the position.

From the trading history on Myfxbook, we can conclude some more observations on the system. The EA uses the riskiest strategy, i.e., martingale, which increases the position size on each loss. Most of the trades are opened and closed within a day, making the robot a day trader. It may take certain days to overcome multiple losses, and your account will be exposed to a considerable drawdown during this period

The expert trades on EUR/USD on the 1-hour chart.

The expert trades on EUR/USD on the 1-hour chart

Trading Results

The system frequently witnessed huge daily drawdowns that can rank up to 30%. For an extensive trading period of nearly three years, the EA showed a few months where the percentage gain is negative. This is not convincing for a robot that uses the martingale strategy and the drawdown we are receiving. 

FX Constant drawdowns

The results provide us with the following helpful information:

  • Profit factor and winning ratio. Since July 18, 2019, the robot delivered a net gain of 357.14% with a profit factor of 1.65 and a win rate of 60% and 53% for long and short trades.
  • Pips and lots. The average win is $110.85, and the average loss is $86.13. For total trades of 146, the robot traded 31.85 lots.

As of now, the EA had stopped trading since March 2021.

FX Constant advanced statistics

Backtesting results are also available for medium and high-risk settings with respective relative drawdowns of 28.93% and 47.49%. They were carried out with a modeling quality of 90% and a low spread of value=2. We can see huge amounts of gains during this test however it is impossible to deduce any conclusive evidence of profitability as these procedures do not respect real market liquidity and volatility.

FX Constant Backtests

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews available on noted websites such as Forex Peace Army and TrustPilot. For a system that has been tracking performance on Myfxbook for the past three years, it is quite strange not to have any reviews. This shows that the owner started publishing his algorithm recently.

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