FX Flight Pro EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Flight Pro EA

FX Flight Pro is an automated trading system that aims to bring market-leading innovations to the FX robot industry to revolutionize forex trading. We will look into the website and social forum communities to verify the claim.

Upon visiting the website, we see that the design of the site is a bit amateurish. There is no information about the vendor on the site. To put trust in a robot, we must know who the vendor is, where they are located, and their trading history. The lack of transparency is disappointing and makes us think that it is not very reliable.

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Fx Flight Pro Offered plans

FX Flight Pro is offering two plans to its clients currently. With each plan, a trader is provided with access to the same trading system. Free update and free 24/7 support are provided with both accounts. The difference is in the number of licenses. Clients that want more licenses need to pay additional fees. If you want 4 licenses, you have to pay $175. By paying $215, you get access to unlimited licenses. Both the 4-license and unlimited-license accounts are for demo and live trading. Now, as you can see the difference in price between 4 licenses and unlimited licenses is only $40 which is quite strange. You cannot expect this type of pricing from an expert advisor vendor.

Type Automated EA
Price $175 – $215
Strategy  Trend following 
Compatible Platforms MT4
Timeframe H1
Recommended Min. Deposit  $500
Recommended Deposit  $1000
Leverage  N/A

Automated Trading Strategy

The vendor of FX Flight Pro has provided very little of actual detail about the strategy they claim to use. Instead, the website states that the product is ideal for all levels of traders and it can help in generating profits easily. So, instead of giving us the real methodologies, the vendor chooses to go with meaningless explanations.

Strategy Backtests

There is no backtest data provided on the website. Customers check the backtest data before you buy a robot to be sure of its performance. So, a vendor must include it on the website but FX Flight Pro does not have it which is disappointing. 

FX Flight Pro EA Live Trading Performance

Regardless of what a vendor is claiming, we can only be sure of the ability of a Forex EA from its live trading data analysis which can be viewed on social forex communities. When it comes to this, Myfxbook is always preferred because of its transparency. However, FX Flight Pro does not have a Myfxbook account. It only provides two FX Blue accounts to show us the performance of the EA. So, it is not offering the true transparency that we want to see, which makes us even more skeptical. 

FX Blue Account Fxflightproea (USD 100)
Started N/A
Deposit $5250.00
Balance $3734.66
Gain 100%
Weekly +4.6%
Monthly +21.0%
Drawdown 63.5
Profitability 1.74

Now, let us take a look at the statistics. The main account on FX Blue shows a 100% gain over 57 days. The product has placed 16 trades per day during this time and the risk ratio is 5.82. The average trade length has been 25.7 hours. The winning percentage of trading is just below 70%. These numbers are not so bad, but the dropdown is 63.5% which is dangerously high. It indicates that more than half of the account faced risks at some point. Generally, it should be fine if drawdown is below 30%. Another frightening issue is that the account lost more than 1700 pips. It is also very suspicious that the account is still up despite this loss. Usually, accounts that lose pips also lose money unless they are using some strange money management system.

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