FX Fortnite EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Fortnite EA

Today’s review will be about an FX Fortnite expert advisor. From the main claim, we know that the robot is a fully-automated MT4 trading solution. However, in today’s highly competitive Forex market, choosing the most reliable and effective trading tool is a challenge not only for newbies, but for experienced traders as well. Thus, if you have trouble making a wise investment decision on what EA to choose, take a look at our best forex robots list.

FX Fortnite EA Features

FX Fortnite EA Features

Let’s talk about FX Fortnite features:

  • The robot works fully-automatically
  • It works only on the MT4 platform.
  • It trades Trend and Hedge strategies.
  • There are three types of risk: Conservative, Medium, and Aggressive.
  • We can trade a EUR/CHF currency pair on the H1 time frame.
  • The system wasn’t locked to one broker.
  • The minimum deposit requirements are $1000 for trading with a 0.01 Lot Size.
  • The leverage should be more than 1:100 to be profitable.
  • Inbuilt indicators analyze the market’s divergences and convergences.
  • The developers provide 24/7 knowledgeable and welcome support.
FX Fortnite EA raw spreads
  • We’re suggested to use IC Markets as the main broker with raw spreads.


FX Fortnite EA Pricing

FX Fortnite is sold in three packages: Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. The Bronze pack costs $149 and includes one real and one demo account. The Gold package costs $199. It includes allowing trading on two real and two demo accounts. The most expensive pack is the Platinum package that costs $249. It’s featured by three demo and real account licenses.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Several months ago, there was no refund policy at all.

How it works

The system works fully-automatically on EUR/CHF chart on the H1 time frame. The system doesn’t require the owner’s interactions. The vendor mentioned IC Markets as a broker, so there should be a low-spread requirement.

Trading Strategy

  • It trades Trend and Hedge strategies.
  • It works with EUR/CHF on the H1 time frame.
FX Fortnite EA Trading Strategy
FX Fortnite EA Trading Strategy

It’s a backtest report based on data of EUR/CHF on the H1 time frame. The modeling quality was 90.00% with a two pips spread. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit has become $531.22. The Profit Factor was 2.01. The maximum drawdown wasn’t high – 19.49%. The robot closed 614 deals with a 61% win rate for the BUY direction and 67% for the SELL one.

Trading Results

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The robot works on the fx_fortnite_real real USD account. There is a $172.70 margin in use. The margin level is high and healthy – 1306.9%.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The total net return has become +270.6% for 163 days of trading activities. An average monthly return is +26.5%. The maximum drawdown is the lowest possible. So, it’s even not shown. An average win-rate for both directions is 75.2%. The Profit Factor is 2.80.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The risk to reward ratio is 11.05. The average trade length is high – over three days. An average winning trade is +$1.62 when an average losing trade is -$1.75.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The robot trades equally in both directions by the number of deals, profits, and Profit Factors.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

There’s a single strategy on the board.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

Monday (436) and Wednesday (447 deals) are the most traded days. 

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The robot focuses on trading during the European trading session.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

As we can see, the robot is run with different risks to the account balance depending on the month. In January 2021, the Profit Factor is higher than ever (5.83).

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

The robot started trading less, making many little profits.

Customer Reviews

FX Fortnite EA Customer Reviews

The company has a page on the Forex Peace Army. There’s their real USD account connected. It doesn’t have any reviews from clients.

Other notes

FX Fortnite EA affiliate program

FX Fortnite has an affiliate program that’s featured by a well-known company – Click2Sell. We can expect to get 30%.

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