FX Hunter EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Hunter EA

FX Hunter EA is a subscription-based forex expert advisor that claims to offer a successful trading strategy to traders. It was most likely released to the public in 2008, but the website was registered in 2013. 

The website is designed well and it has a professional touch. No real information about the developers is provided on the site. However, the servers are located in Germany. The website is also available in a Russian version. So, it is not wrong to believe that the developers are most probably from Russia or Germany. 

Features of FX Hunter EA

  • Renting a VPS and monitoring its work is not required.
  • No requirement of buying a license for the advisor.
  • Clients pay commissions only from profits.
  • The EA is suitable for beginners in forex trading. 
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FX Hunter EA Offered plans

FX Hunter EA offers 4 plans to its clients. By paying $29, you can have a one-month subscription. A 3-month subscription plan is available for $69. Similarly, a 6-month plan is available for $121. Apart from these, you can get an unlimited lifetime membership for $500. All plans offer 1 license, free updates, and full support with 30 days return guarantee. 

Type Technical automated EA
Price $29 – $500
Strategy Martingale Strategy
Compatible Platforms MetaTrader 4
Timeframe Min 15
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage 1:500

Automated Trading Strategy

The developers of FX Hunter EA state that the software uses a martingale strategy. There are very few robots that admit to using this strategy because it is known to be a very dangerous strategy. The history of trading shows that martingale strategies have high risks. If the market does not balance or come back, then the entire account can be blown. Whether this strategy works for this robot or not, that can only be known from the trading results.

Strategy Backtests

You can check the backtest results in the “BACKTESTS” section of the website. Several currency pairs are provided with FX Hunter EA. All results of those backtests of the currency pairs can be viewed with recommended settings.

FX Hunter EA Backtest Data Analysis

FX Hunter EA FX Hunter EA Backtest Data Analysis

FX Hunter EA Live Trading Performance

Myfxbook is the best place to know about a robot’s performance, and FX Hunter EA is no exception either. This EA is on Myfxbook as a technical automated advisor of medium risk. The data is updated. So, it is real-time data. All statistics are open, so, there is nothing suspicious. However, this data is not very reliable because track records and trading privileges are not verified. 

Myfxbook Account FX Hunter (Real USD)
Started June 30, 2016
Deposit $6170
Balance $12616.40
Gain +127.44%
Daily 0.6%
Monthly 1.71%
Drawdown 78.71%
Profitability 32%

Now, let us take a look at the statistics. The account started its journey on June 30, 2016, with $6170.00 of deposit. At present, the balance is $12616.40 with $0 withdrawal. So, the account has made a profit of $6395.36. The account has maintained a 98.22% equity which is pretty impressive. However, the drawdown is very dangerous. It is 78.71%. The gain and absolute gain of FX Hunter are +127.44% and +102.8% respectively.

FX Hunter EA Myfxbook

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