FX Premiere Review

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FX Premiere

Making money in Forex trading is easier when you have reliable trading tools at hand. One crucial tool that ensures your trades are executed well is the Forex signal. With Forex signals, you need not spend hours on end looking for the right entry and exit points. Several signal services generate signals, which make it easier to adjust your stops and limits and ensure better profits.

 FX Premiere is an intermediate online affiliate in the field offering access to more than 50 signal sources. Based in Belize, Switzerland and with offices in Malta, Singapore, and the UK, this service is a Nobility Group subsidiary. The service was founded in 2010 and is focused mainly on providing free and paid signal services via its Telegram channel.

If you are looking to identify the best signal service or Forex robot to make your Forex trading efficient and lucrative, look at our best Signals and Forex Robots list. In this FX Premiere review, we have analyzed the service thoroughly to give you a candid perspective of the system and its reliability.

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FX Premiere Overview 

 According to the information provided on the official site, FX Premiere is an exclusive service providing signals from various sources. The signals generated include all major, minor, and exotic pairs. Using the signals, you can trade on a live account. The service does not include risk management and other trading services. 


FX Premiere Pricing

A free package is provided which delivers up to 2 signals per day. This is used by traders to check out the service. Three main packages are offered by the service. These include a basic package that costs $37/month, a standard package that costs $97/4 months, and a premium package that costs $199/12months.

Features included are signals from nearly 50 sources, up to 15 signals, entry, exit, and stop-loss, weekly Pip count, Free MT4 indicator, live support, and more. When compared to the other signal services in the market, the price is high. 

How It Works

FX Premiere. How It Works

To trade using this service, you have to first choose a package from the options provided, complete the payment, and message the service through the Telegram Channel. You will receive a confirmation email and on replying to this email, the signals will be posted via Telegram. 

Trading Strategy

Based on the vendor information, the strategy used is based on the different price levels, indicators, economic events, and patterns. The signals provided help you to spot the effective entries and exits and set limits and stop losses. However, no clear explanation of the approach used for the signal generation is provided which is disappointing. 

Trading Results

FX Premiere Trading Results

No verified trading results are provided by the vendor. In the FAQ section, the vendor explains that myfxbook is not used by the service it is just an intermediary service that distributes signals from reputed sources.

However, the service claims to have a 75% success rate, which results in monthly profits of around 45%. Trading results from signal services should be verified on reliable sites like Myfxbook as this will help authenticate the claims more effectively. 

Customer Reviews

We found user reviews for this service on the Forexpeacearmy site and the Trustpilot site. But, while many of the reviews on the Trustpilot site are positive, we found mostly negative reviews on the Forexpeacearmy site. Here are the screenshots of the reviews.

FX Premiere Customer Reviews
FX Premiere Customer Reviews

The negative reviews indicate the signals result in loss and are scam and that the service is very bad. From the positive reviews, the service is praised for its good results and timely signals.

Crypto Signals 

FX Premiere group also provides crypto signals for traders interested in cryptocurrency trading. For $27.99 up to 11 signals from more than 20 signal sources are provided. You can trade using the signals as a basis for knowing about the trading opportunities.

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