FX Profit Pips Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Profit Pips Review

FX Profit Pips is a signal-providing company that has a standard presentation that doesn’t include verified trading results. The devs claimed that accuracy could be up to 80% and even 90%. The main claim is positive: “Increase your returns on the Forex & Commodities Market with the help of our live free forex signals from a Professional trading team.”

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FX Profit Pips features

The service has some features explained. We have united them in the list below. 

  • The company provides traders with the best possible trading ideas. 
  • We can copy their trades from the market to be profitable. 
  • “Forex technical trading experts give everything such as Market analysis, Forex currency pair review, options trading, Swing Trading, Trading Capital, Commodities, indices, cryptocurrency traders, daily market insights.”
  • We can watch live streams of their mentors and follow market trends. 
  • Traders can become advanced if they are using their signals. 
Key features of FX Profit Pips.
  • We can rely on 24/5 support via a chat and 24/7 email support. 
  • The win rate can be up to 90%. 
  • We can work with 12 cross pairs and 4 commodity pairs. 
  • There are 56 members of the team that works around the globe. 
  • Many of them are ex-bank traders.
  • We will get intel about entry point, take profit, and stop loss. 
  • If we can’t be profitable with signals, we can ask for refunds. . 
  • The devs convince us to work with the risk we can handle. 
  • There are thousands of investors who follow their leads. 


FX Profit Pips pricing.

There are four paid packages available. The starter pack costs $10. It includes 20 profitable pips and no commodity signals. The standard pack cost $29. We can rely on 60 pips and four pairs plus Gold. The premium pack costs $49. There are 120 pips, five pairs plus Gold. The pro signals cost $50 for 20 pips. There are instant results, highly accurate, minute-to-minute updates, and a personal manager. 

FX Profit Pips packages.

We can copy the signals on our account. The basic pack includes 30-100 pips daily, a VPS service, a minimum deposit should be $1000, one account manager. The commission is 30% of profits. The professional pack includes 50-150 daily pips, two teams trade on our account, and one senior manager. The account must be $5000 or higher. The commission is 20%. The pro-business pack includes 50-300 pips, two high-end VPS, four teams trading on the account, two senior account managers. The deposit must have $10,000. The commission is 10%. 

How it works

  • The devs place orders on their account. 
  • We can receive a signal for opening a trade.
  • The system can automatically copy orders on our account. 

Trading strategy

  • We don’t know details about strategies.
  • The system works with 12 cross pairs and Gold. 
  • The time frame isn’t revealed. 

Trading results

FX Profit Pips screenshots of trading results.
FX Profit Pips performance in 2021.

The developers shared with us only trading results that cannot be verified. These screenshots could be easily photoshopped. The final table is based on the numbers we can’t check. Usually, professionals show an account from which the devs will provide signals. It’s an important part because only verified results are relevant and can convince us that we are safe, allowing them to trade on our account. 

Customer reviews

Customer testimonials.

The presentation includes unverified testimonials. We have no info about them on other sites on the web. So, we can treat them like posts that were written by the developers when they launched a platform. 

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