FX Vortex Review

by Forex EA Top Team
FX Vortex
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What do we know about FX Vortex?

FX Vortex offer

A presentation of FXVortex Indicators starts with an offer to get a free indicator providing them with our email. Of course, it’s not a good idea because they’ll send endless spam.

“FX Vortex Indicator is the ultimate forex trading tool that was developed with the most premium features and the latest advanced trading technology for all types of forex traders. The new revolutionary signals generating technology used in this powerful trading tool enables it to give super accurate and fast signals that result in a consistent and reliable profit,” devs said about the product.

  • The Indicator provides razor-sharp signals
  • All signals have Take Profit and Stop Loss levels
  • FX Vortex indicator sends an alert when a new signal arises in MT4, email, and real-time notifications to a cell phone.
FX Vortex chart

From the intro video, we can see how Buy and Sell TP levels are set.

Let’s talk about features, according to the devs’ vision.

  • The system shows you not only Entry Point, but also Take Profit and Stop Loss levels down to a pip.
  • Signals aren’t repainted whatsoever.
  • FX Vortex generates clear and legible Buy and Sell signals.
  • The system uses several ways to notify us: MT4 pop-up alerts, email, and cell phone ones.
  • The package is easy to set up after receiving it.
  • Free updates are a part of the product’s warranty.
  • The package includes an extended and detailed PDF guide.
  • The devs provide 24/7 support.
FX Vortex features

The onsite charting shows that people worship the product. Of course, it’s a lie.

FX Vortex works in 3 ways:

  • Gravity Zone. We’ll see a grey rectangle on the chart. We have to get ready for a signal.
  • Time to set the Entry. We should enter the market when we get an alert.
  • Setting TP and SL levels.
FX Vortex product descriptions

The next half of the site is rather a “motivation” than “about product descriptions” one.

From the FAQ chapter, we knew:

  • The system works with all-time intervals on the MT4 platform.
  • No hidden fees are charged. The price stated on the website is the total cost of the system’s purchase.
  • After the purchase, we’ll get
    • system files;
    • detailed instruction manual;
    • necessary technical assistance.
  • The minimum deposit can be as little as $100.


FX Vortex Pricing

As we can see, SALE’s timer was gone.

FX Vortex

Several minutes ago, you said about lifetime updates.

FX Vortex Pricing

The pricing is very cheap. It’s impossible to go cheaper.

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