FXAdept EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team
fxadept ea

FXAdept is a forex expert advisor that is compatible with MetaTrader 4. According to their official website, this EA claims to provide 30% profitability on a monthly basis and has the live trading results to back them. This EA is marketed by the forexstore which is also behind a handful of proven EAs such as FXCharger Max, FXStabilizer PRO, and others. 

The official website is decently designed, highlighting various features. They state that the EA uses no scalping. Grid or martingale trading strategy and works on the USD/JPY currency pair. They have included a detailed insight into their strategy as well as both live trading statistics and back-tests. 

The product is available for $269 and comes with a single account license, detailed manual, and a 24/7 support system. 


TypeFully-automated Forex EA
Compatible PlatformsMT4
Currency PairsUSD/JPY
Recommended Deposit$2500
Money-back Guarantee30 days
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Automated Trading Strategy

As mentioned before, FXAdept does not use any grid, martingale, or scalping and aims to provide a stable monthly profit to its users. It does this by leveraging two basic algorithms which are discussed in brief. 

The algorithm consists of two components: the entry point and the smart support of orders. In short, the EA determines the main trend and looks to open a trade in the direction of the market. FXAdept thus uses the RSI indicator in a non-standard way. Using additional filters and carefully selected settings, the EA can open profitable trades with a high-profit probability. When the market doesn’t move in the EAs favour, it can forcefully close a trade with a minimum loss or breakeven, or in some cases, in profit. FXAdept has developed its smart support or orders to consider parameters such as current profit or loss, duration of trade, the number and direction of other open orders, etc. 

Strategy Backtests

Back-tests provide a great way for users to test whether an EA’s strategy works well on historical market data. Almost all competitive EAs provide back-test results to increase transparency and FXAdept hasn’t disappointed us in this respect. They provide two backtests, one for high-risk settings while the other has low-risk settings. We shall take the second back-test for our review. 

fxadept backtest report

According to the back-test above, this account is tested on the H1 timeframe and has delivered a total net profit of $90312.73. These are impressive figures for low-risk settings. 

FXAdept Live Trading Performance

Potential buyers always prefer to look at live trading accounts before they make their purchase decisions when it comes to expert advisors. In this case, FXAdept has provided us with a live trading account, hosted on myfxbook. 

Trading Results

AccountReal(USD), FXOpen
StartedNovember 15, 2017
fxadept trading results report

As evidenced from the screenshot above, the account has gained 307.27% which is impressive. However, the drawdown rate is also quite high which is indicative of a risky strategy. There are a total of 374 trades executed by the account. 

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