FXBlasterPro Review

by Forex EA Top Team
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What results does FXBlaster Pro show?

We’d like you to read a review about an FXBlasterPro EA.

The robot has the next features:

  • FXBlasterPro has built based on three different unique stand-alone strategies that make EA keep getting smarter and smarter concerning the market.
  • It is based on different indicator signals, correlated by difficult methods with each other combines the concepts smart trend/grid/hedge/semi-martingale according to risk low/middle/high/combi EA files. One of its advantages is that it uses reinsurance positions (grid strategy).
  • The trading algorithm of the EA was written in MQL4 by an experienced dev team. The developers have ten years of experience in trading, researching, and developing forex trading software like EA, indicators, and utilities.
  • FXBlasterPro is easy to use, understand, and setup.
  • It’s fully automated. No manual interventions required.
  • The EA is fully customizable. It can be customized and adapted to individual needs.
  • It works with all brokers. Work with all brokers and accounts (including US-based brokers).
  • Money Management system.
  • Recovery system.
  • High Slippage Protection feature provided.
  • Broker Protection provided.

Trading results

FXBlasterPro Myfxbook

It has two accounts that vary by risk. This one is high-risk real USD. It was registered on Fort Financial Services, trades without leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. From March 17, 2020, the robot provides +157.78% of the account gain. The monthly gain is high and equals +21.91%. The maximum drawdown was 15.12%. 

FXBlasterPro advanced statistics

There have been traded 1901 deals with -348 pips. The average win $3.29 equals the average lose -$3.99. The win-rate is 65% for longs and 66^ for shorts. The average trade length is 2 hours 30 minutes. The Profit Factor is high and equals 1.62.

FXBlasterPro trading results

As we can see, EA works with six symbols.

FXBlasterPro statistics

The most favorite hours to trade are from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. when European and American markets open.

FXBlasterPro statistics

Monday is a less favorite day to trade.

FXBlasterPro statistics

As it was told, the account runs with high risks.

FXBlasterPro statistics

The robot works without TP and SL levels placements.

FXBlasterPro monthly gain

If we take a look at the monthly gain, it looks unpredictable and varies depending on the month.


FXBlasterPro Pricing

There are two packages. FXBlaster Pro Standard costs $300 for one real account. FXBlaster Pro Advance costs $460 for three licenses. Also, we receive free updates and 24/7 support.

The devs provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’ll be able to get a refund if we use their recommended settings during the first 30-day period without interrupting the EA’s work and get a drawdown of more than 40%. Smaller drawdowns can happen, it’s normal for the strategy, and they’ll be covered very quickly. If all the conditions are fulfilled, they’ll provide us with a full refund, and a copy of FXBlaster Pro is going to remain with you as compensation.

Social network profiles

FXBlasterPro Social network profiles

We couldn’t find their social network profiles, but this product is sold by ForexStore.

Willing to try automated trading?
See the best forex robots rating to make the right choice.
Explore the list here >

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