FXSecret Immortal EA Review

by Forex EA Top Team

fxsecret ea

FXSecret Immortal EA is a forex automated trading robot with a private community of successful traders behind it. According to the official website, FXSecret utilises three different strategies to produce profitability, while keeping an eye out on drawdown control to ensure minimum risk for their users. 

Upon visiting the sales page, we find that it is indeed amateurishly designed. The team behind FXSecret has apparently started developing robots from 2009 even though the company itself came into existence in 2012. However, they provide no additional information regarding who the developers are. It has provided trading statistics while attempting to explain the trading strategy which they implement. 

FXSecret Immortal is available for $549 and comes with 1 license, lifetime support, and a “possibility of changing accounts online for an unlimited period of times”. 

FXSecret Immortal EA

Type Fully-automated Forex EA
Price $549
Strategy Grid / Scalping
Compatible Platforms MT4
Currency Pairs EUR/USD
Timeframe H1
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage from 1:100
Money-back Guarantee 30 days
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Automated Trading Strategy

Upon examining the website, we find that there is no actual explanation of the trading strategy provided. We are only told that the EA utilises 3 different systems that can profitably be combined into a single account. The EA also gives clients the power to modify settings, allowing them to choose between multiple strategies that they apply. FXSecret Immortal calculates the stop loss, lot size, and set risks, based on the user’s selected settings. 

From what we gather from the information provided, their strategy is suspected to be a grid-based one, with some scalping involved, which involves a certain level of risk. 

Strategy Backtests

The information provided by Back-tests can confirm whether an EA’s strategy is indeed producing the results they claim, by testing it on historical data. Usually, in today’s EA industry, it is preferred that a forex robot produce back-tests so that potential buyers can get a better idea about the product. Unfortunately, in FXSecret’s case, they have not provided any such back-test. 

FXSecret EA Live Trading Performance

Live Trading statistics are always sought after by users before they purchase any EA, as it confirms the effectiveness of the strategy advertised. In this case, FXSecret has provided us with a live account, hosted on myfxbook. 

Trading Results

Account Real(USD), FXOpen
Started May 27th, 2013
Deposit $1863
Balance $49625
Gain 9056.96%
Daily 0.18%
Monthly 5.39%
Drawdown 65.84%
Profitability 51-54%

fxsecret results

From the above figures its quite obvious that the level of profitability is quite high, as this account registered a gain of 9056.96%. While the numbers are very impressive, it is clear by the drawdown percentage that there is a fair amount of risk involved as well. The graph shows that there were some major losses in the year 2019, indicating that the EA can blow up the trader’s account if they aren’t careful. 

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