Haasbot Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
Haasbot Review: What You Need to Know

Haasbot is a trading solution that belongs to HaasOnline portfolio. The site is featured by much information about how it works and what services it is connected with. The devs claim that these are the most advanced crypto trading bots. 

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What is Haasbot?

We have designed a table to gather the most important information. 

Price:₿0.009, ₿0.016, ₿0.026
Payment Options:Any
Supported Exchanges :Binance, Binance Futures, Binance.US, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, ByBit, CEX.IO, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, FTX, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Ionomy, Kraken, Kraken Futures, KuCoin, OKCoin, OKX, and Poloniex
Cloud Based:Yes

Is it easy to use Haasbot?

The bot and its interface are complicated. So, it’s hard to use, design, and manage the system. 

Features of Haasbot

We decided to separate all available information about the features in four chapters for your comfort.

Experience-free trading

  • HaasBot is a fully-automatic trading solution.
  • The system has various bots that can be easily configured.
  • There are designed bots that can be customized.
  • We can design our own bots if we have proper trading experience.

Proper testing

  • The bot was tested before released.
  • We can test our own bots as many times as we want before releasing them.

Security and limitation free

  • We can rely that the bot will work with exchanges through API keys.
  • The owners don’t charge any extra fees. 
  • There are no restrictions by volumes that can be traded. 
  • The system can be ready to work within several minutes. 

Useful features

  • There’s a feature that sends notifications when an order is opened or closed. 
  • We can receive them in Telegram or Discord.
  • So, updates about profits and losses will be delivered live. 
  • The devs provide us with email alerts. 
  • The system supports inter-exchange Arbitrage trading. 
  • We can work with various scalping possibilities.


The developers split the offer in several packages:

  • The beginner package is available for ₿0.009. If we bill annually, we can save 0.007 BTC. There are  10 active trading bots, backtest and paper reading, access to 11 endurances, 10 safeties, 20+ indicators, restricted core features, unlimited fees free trades, access to 22 exchanges included. The devs provide support via chats and tickets.
  • We can purchase the advance pack for ₿0.016. It’s possible to save 0.008 BTC with Annual Billing. It includes 20 active trading bots, backtest and paper reading, access to 13 endurances, 20 safeties, 40+ indicators, 
  • The ultimate pack can be purchased for ₿0.026. We can save 0.01 BTC with Annual Billing. We can rely on unlimited active trading bots, backtest and paper reading, access to unlimited endurances, safeties, indicators.

Alas, the developers decided that all sales are final.

Strengths and weaknesses of Haasbot

Strengths Weaknesses
The platform provides a possibility to design our own crypto botsNo strategy details explained
We can customize available bots eitherNo risk details available
No settings list available
No backtest reports provided
No trading results shown

Is Haasbot good?

We don’t know for sure. The company behind has some reputation among the community, but we have no trading results available.

Is Haasbot safe?

The system works with the market through API keys. So, it can’t withdraw our account.

Customer support

The developers provide support via email, Telegram, and Discord.


  • The developers designed HaasScript to design bots. 
  • Developers created a company in 2014.
  • Stephan de Haas is Chief Executive Officer. He is a software engineer.
  • Quintus de Haas is Chief Technology Officer. He supports the infrastructure that supports the service and its functionality.
  • Josh Becker is Chief System Operations.
  • Rustim Rhoda is a Research & Development specialist. 
  • Raynaldo Rivera is a Chief Communications Officer. He is a former InfoSec worker where he managed teams of security experts for fortune 500 companies. 
  • Jeff Vernon is Chief Marketing Officer. 

Bottom line

HaasBot is a trading solution and an environment for creating various trading bots. The presentation informs us about features, settings, and other details. Anyway, the developers didn’t decide to provide us with information about trading activities that would increase a level of trust in this system. In addition, the offer doesn’t include any kind of refund policy to protect us if we don’t like the bot’s performance. 

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