Hedge Forex Robot Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Hedge Forex Robot

Hedge Forex Robot is a trading solution that belongs to the Forex Robot Trader company. The system is focused on the Hedge strategy to make profits as we can see from the name. The company was created in 2006. The rest like location, history, and the number of developers and who they are isn’t clear.

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Hedge Forex Robot Features

The presentation includes short explanations about how the system works and what we can expect from the robot performance. 

  • The advisor can provide us with automatic orders execution. 
  • We are allowed to work with it on any computer. 
  • It’s possible to trade absolutely any cross pair.
  • We can trade commodities and stocks. We don’t know about this for sure. 
  • It’s possible to work through MT4. 
  • The advisor is a good option for many Forex traders. 
  • The presentation is featured by photoshopped screenshots that claimed profitability of the advisor. 
  • It checks the monthly time frame and goes down to find the best trend or counter trend opportunities. 
  • After this, the system looks for confirmation to be sure that it’s safe to open an order. 
  • Higher time frames support and resistance levels can trigger lover time frames directions. 
  • The system also uses a trend strategy. 
  • The advisor works with truly long term trends. 
  • It takes into account slippages and commissions. 


The advisor is available for as low as $49. The first price was $199. There are no details mentioned. The owners also decided not to provide a refund policy. 

How it works

  • The system executes orders automatically on a terminal. 
  • It places proper SL and TP levels. 
  • It also uses Fibonacci ratios in trading. 
  • The advisor focuses on analyzing M15 and H1 time frames. 
  • It looks for a support line on all charts at once. 

Trading strategy

The robot works with a price action strategy. So, it seeks for support and resistance levels to understand where the price goes in the upcoming hours.

Trading results

As usual, the developers decided not to provide us with the backtest reports. This doesn’t allow us to check the final table with win rate, drawdowns, profitability, and other information. 

Hedge Forex Robot trading results.

There are reports that don’t look right. The core reason is that they aren’t verified by common sites like Myfxbook, MQL5 , or FXBlue. Also, we don’t know details about the broker. 

Hedge Forex Robot trading results.

The report claimed that the account balance has $5,414,507 that looks ridiculous. The advisor provides the gross profit of $32,196. There were 264 deals traded with no drawdowns. Now, the accuracy is 100%. 

Customer reviews

A page of Forex Robot Trader on Forex Peace Army.

Forex Robot Trader can be found on Forex Peace Army. The company portfolio was reviewed 270 times and this formed a 2.262 rate. 

People testimonials on FPA.

The clients weren’t satisfied with the results they received with this company. 

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