HodlBot Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
HodlBot Review: What You Need to Know

HodlBot focuses on efficient crypto trading with its customizable bot. Users can index the market, and customize and rebalance their portfolios automatically. As per the vendor, any crypto investor can benefit from the features of the bot. A 7-day free trial and subscriptions starting at $3 per month are available

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What is HodlBot?

For investors looking to grow their portfolio, Hodlbot provides the best automation features that take care of indexing, rebalancing, and customization. The platform provides services to smaller account sizes under $500 enabling an affordable solution.

Price:$3/month up to $14/month
Payment Options: PayPal/Credit or Debit Card 
Supported Exchanges:Binance/Kraken /Kucoin/Bittrex
Cloud Based: Yes
Strategies: HODL10, HODL20, or HODL30

Is it easy to use HodlBot?

The bot provides a simplified trading environment in which users can manage their portfolios without connecting to the exchanges directly. Instead of making individual trades, users customize and manage their portfolios via the bot. It uses the exchange API keys for trading purposes only and does not have withdrawal access. Further, it does not take deposits as all deposits are done on the exchange you use for the trading. The exchange connects your account with HodlBot. Here are the steps needed to get started with the bot:

  1. Visit the official site and register using the sign-up feature on the top right corner by providing an email address and creating a password
  2. After registration, you will get the login credentials in your email. Use it to log into the site and choose from the subscription plans available
  3. Connect HodleBot to your exchange via the encrypted API keys
  4. Create a customized portfolio using the advanced metrics or use an existing strategy
  5. The bot trades for you and automatically tracks your portfolio executing automatic rebalances

Features of HodlBot

Some of the key features of the bot that make it competitive as per the vendor are:

Diverse cryptocurrency indices

The crypto indices allow users to diversify their portfolios, minimize risk, and improve returns. The HODL indices help users to diversify across the market

Advanced portfolio customization

You can choose any coin and weighting strategy and view its past performance. The advanced market metrics feature allows you to create dynamic portfolios and crypto indexes made of the top -performing coins.

Automated rebalancing

During a shift in market prices, the bot automatically rebalances your portfolio keeping it on track, reducing losses, and increasing profits. The default period is 30 days but customization is possible. Manual rebalancing is also available if you prefer it.

Affordable pricing

You can use the bot for free for the initial 14 days. Further use of the bot will cost you $10 per month. For accounts that are less than $500, no fee is charged. Further, transactions do not carry a percentage fee. Users can keep all the returns. The company also has discounts for users who purchase the 3-month and 12-month subscription plans.

Strengths and weaknesses of HodlBot

Crypto indices for efficient investmentNo performance proof
Free trialFocuses mainly on portfolio management
Affordable pricing plans

Is its technology good?

As per the vendor, the platform has a trading volume of more than 50 million and has completed more than 400k transactions. More than 20k custom portfolios have been created and the service boasts more than 10k users. While the data indicated the service is efficient, there is no verified performance proof to corroborate the claim.

Is HodlBot safe?

Some of the security features the platform uses are cryptographic encryption of API keys, use of trade-only API keys, and the ability to disable trade permissions for API keys between rebalancing periods. The company engages in penetration testing and monitors logs to close trading if any suspicious activity is detected.

Customer support

For support, the vendor offers an FAQ section, a blog, Wiki, and community support via Telegram and Twitter.


Anthony Xie is the founder of HodlBot. He is a big data nerd and is interested in finance, data, and crypto-related info. The domain is registered for 2019. There is no further information on the company such as its founding year, location, team members, regulation license, etc.   

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