Hot Profit Robot Review

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Hot Profit Robot

Hot Profit Robot is an expert advisor that promises outstanding performance, high profitability, and continuous support. The ATS claims to use potent trading approaches to ensure profits for clients. As per the vendor, the EA comes with more than 10 years of experience in Forex and you can gain the benefits in the form of profit and growth. 

There is no info provided for the developer or team behind this ATS. We could not find a location address or phone contact. For customer support, the vendor offers an online contact form. The lack of vendor transparency and inadequate support options raises doubts about the reliability of this FX EA.

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Hot Profit Robot Overview 

Hot Profit Robot Features

The official site does not divulge much info about the MT4 tool. From the minimal details that the vendor provides, here is what the system focuses on:

  • Accurate execution of trades and effective exits
  • Full support
  • Increase growth of account and profits
  • Guidance for installation and use
  • Use risk management by managing the SL and TP levels and lot sizes 


Hot Profit Robot Pricing

A subscription format is used by the vendor for payment. There are three plans present. The Mini plan focuses on smooth weekly profits and costs € 17 per week, while the Smooth plan focuses on low-risk trades and comes at € 64 per month. 

With the Aggressive plan, you need to pay € 99 per month and it targets high profits at an optimized risk level. The plans come with a single trading account, configuration support, automated trading, and MT4 compatibility. Compared to other subscription plans the price looks competitive. 

How it works

As per the vendor info, the MT4 tool analyses the market condition 24 hours a day and calculates the best entries that result in profits. Mobile alerts via push notification setup are part of the features of this FX robot. Alerts are also shown on the EA account and MT4 settings. Once the execution of trade is complete, the system manages the trade by assessing the lot sizes, TP, and SL levels which are set up dependent on the growth of the balance amount.

Trading Strategy

Hot Profit Robot Trading Strategy

As per the info on the site, the range trap, trend capture, and momentum rider approaches are used by this FX EA. While the range trap approach takes into account a unique candle formation and SnR, the momentum rider capitalizes on strong market surges in the wake of important events. The third approach is using the technical and fundamental analysis for knowing the long-term trend.

Trading Results

A live real USD account trading info verified by the myfxbook site is shown on the official site. Here are the screenshots of the results:

Hot Profit Robot Trading Results
Hot Profit Robot Trading Results

From the above images, we can see a total profit of 59.47% and an absolute gain of 53.27% present for this account. The drawdown value is 82.32%. Started on June 8, 2021, the live account shows deposits of $7,906.40 with a balance of $8,195.85. A total of 273 trades have been executed with a profitability of 70%. The profit factor value is 1.31. We can see the lot sizes used are high ranging from 0.43 up to 1.20. The high drawdown and big lot sizes show that the approach used is of high-risk category.

Customer Reviews

We could not find feedback from users for this EA on reputed sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. These are third-party sites that provide unbiased feedback from real clients. The lack of reviews for this MT4 tool indicates it is not a popular EA among traders.

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