Infinity Scalper Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Infinity Scalper

What chances are Infinity Scalper is a scam?

Infinity Scalper presentation

A presentation of Infinity Scalper starts with exactly the same offer as Forex Millenium. 

Infinity Scalper

The design was chosen to focus on the most stupid audience because it’s completely casino styled. Let’s sum up everything we know about it:

  • It was developed with the most premium features (which ones?) and the latest advanced trading technology for all types of forex traders.
  • Signals are profitable, so no repaint.
  • Infinity Scalper works on M1 and M5 timeframes.
  • The system sends BUY or SELL signal alerts with “Take Profit” and Stop Loss levels.
  • The Indicator works with all symbols.
  • It supports trading on M1 and M5 timeframes.
  • It works smoothly with no bugs, lags, or errors.
  • Easy to use even for new traders.
  • The “Optimal Exit” feature maximizes the profit.
Infinity Scalper presentation

It’s insanely hard to find at least several useful words that can help us how good this Indicator is. The presentation includes over 5000+ words, where most of them are useless.

Infinity Scalper Email

Email alerts look like that: Direction, Entry Price, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Infinity Scalper MT4 terminal

In the MT4 terminal, alerts have a common format.

Infinity Scalper push-notifications

The last option to get alerts is push-notifications on our cell phone.

Onsite screenshot of charts

Infinity Scalper screenshot of charts
Infinity Scalper screenshot of charts

It’s a lie that any of even well-designed products can be smarter than Forex.

A video of Infinity Scalper’s live-action session

A video of Infinity Scalper’s live-action session was removed,


Infinity Scalper Pricing

The Indicator costs $90 with $60 OFF. The package includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. Paying the price, we’ll receive:

  • A Step-by-Step User Guide.
  • Secret Trading Algorithm Revealed (???). We don’t know what he wanted to say by this.
  • Infinity Scalper Indicator.
  • Extra built-in Special Features. What’s it? What are the features? Where can we read about them before purchasing them?
  • Live-action trade examples (?). It’s weird to share live trading sessions after not before closing the deal. Usually, real devs provide all these videos in the mid of a presentation. It’s not a big deal. There’s nothing to hide.
  • Lifetime email support.

Onsite testimonials

Infinity Scalper Onsite testimonials

As usual, there are screenshots of feedback that was received via email. Noticeable, that there are no testimonials on Trust Pilot or other well-known platforms.

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