Knightscope Introduces Real-Time Gunshot Detection System

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Knightscope, a leading security company based in Mountain View, Calif., has announced the addition of a real-time, automated gunshot detection system to its portfolio of autonomous security products and services. This innovative move comes in response to increasing demands from schools and corporations for comprehensive active threat and emergency response plans.

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Enhancing Public Safety and Reducing Response Times

Knightscope’s advanced gunshot detection systems are designed to significantly reduce police and security response times, enabling a more rapid resolution of potential threats to public safety. With a focus on enhancing security measures, this new offering aims to provide timely and effective solutions.

Integration with Blue Light Towers and Autonomous Security Robots

The automated gunshot detection system will be seamlessly integrated onto Knightscope’s state-of-the-art K1 Blue Light Towers. Additionally, it can be used as an upgrade to the existing fleet of 7,000 devices deployed across various locations in the U.S. Furthermore, this innovative technology can be combined with Knightscope’s K5 Outdoor and K3 Indoor Autonomous Security Robots, further enhancing their capabilities.

Flexible Installation Options for Maximum Convenience

Knightscope’s gunshot detection system provides the flexibility of being used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with other security solutions. As an added advantage, it can be powered using optional solar power or light pole kits, making the installation process flexible and user-friendly to meet specific requirements.

Future Sales and Availability

The release of the automated gunshot detection system is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. Knightscope aims to make this cutting-edge solution available to schools, corporations, and other entities seeking to bolster their security measures.

For additional information, please visit Knightscope’s official website.

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