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Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade is a platform that unties many services: education, a news feed, articles, analysis, and signals. As we can see from the main page, there’s a Telegram channel with free signals. From the presentation, we know that the company was created in 2020. It’s located on 20-22 Wenlock Road in London. It has a registered company number – 11746374. 

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Learn 2 Trade Features

Let’s talk about signals features:

Learn 2 Trade Features
  • The premium signals have:
    • 3-5 signals a day frequency.
    • Signals are generated for Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.
    • Access to the Premium Telegram channel.
    • 82% of the win-rate
    • 30-40% of the expected monthly gain.
Learn 2 Trade Features
  • There are free signals:
    • We can expect to get three signals weekly.
    • We may not provide any payment or card info.
    • We can test these signals on a live or demo account.
    • The signals are generated only for Forex (major, minor, and exotic pairs).
Learn 2 Trade Features
  • All signals have the same format: symbol, trigger, direction, Entry Price, Take Profit, Stop Loss.
  • We have real-time notifications of what’s up with the signals.
  • There’s a daily technical analysis.
Learn 2 Trade analysis topics
  • There are many analysis topics on the site for free.
  • The system generates email and smartphone alerts.


Learn 2 Trade Pricing

We can get signals for free for one year. To make this happen, we have to register and fund an account on the LongHorn broker. For UK clients, there’s the Alvexo broker.

Learn 2 Trade Pricing
Learn 2 Trade fees

The subscription prices start from 35 GBP monthly. It goes 65 GBP for three months. 95 GBP costs half a year subscription. The lifetime access costs 250 GBP. All prices are acceptable if trading results show the signals are profitable.

How it works

  • We have to try free signals on a demo account.
  • We have to pay for a chosen package.
  • We have to join the premium Telegram channel.
  • We have to follow signals and fill them on our terminal. That’s it.

Trading Strategy

Signals are generated based on the RSI indicator that shows trends and overbought/oversold levels. There are many other indicators that allow covering most of the appeared trading opportunities.

Learn 2 Trade Trading Strategy

We can see thesis indicators (Stoch, RSI, CCI) on the chart. 

Learn 2 Trade - fibonacci retracement levels
Learn 2 Trade - support and resistance levels
Learn 2 Trade bollinger bands
Learn 2 Trade - moving average

The developers mentioned and explained all of them – well-written. 

Trading Results

The developers and analysts decided not to provide us with trading results. It’s quite a common behavior because there are free signals to check. Anyway, checking signals quality, trading three signals weekly can take several months or so.

Customer Reviews

Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews

The presentation is featured by positive comments from Trustpilot, where people are happy about using the signals.

Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews
Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews

Learn 2 Trade has a 4-star rate based on 121 reviews.

Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews

If a person says something negative about the company, they blame him or her and notice that this review is fake.

Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews

Many people warn others about data and personal information sold by the company to third-party organizations.

Learn 2 Trade - Customer Reviews

Many new traders can find this service isn’t beginner-friendly because signals can provide significant losses that are hard to recover if you have no previous trading experience.

Other notes

Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel

They run The Telegram channel with 6860 members. As we can see, it includes pro trading news, trade alerts, technical analysis, and free signals.

Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel

The channel includes 342 photos and 1130 likes.

Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel

As we may see, there are no explanations of what triggered this signal.

Learn 2 Trade - topics with analysis

We can read many topics with analysis for free.

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