Mr. Martin Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Mr. Martin

Today, we’d like to talk about Mr. Martin software that’s featured by an MQL5 forum.

Mr. Martin presentation

This EA was designed by Vasiliy Kolesov and published on November 3, 2018. The last update (2.24) it received on February 15, 2019.

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Mr. Martin Features

Let’s talk about features:

  • It’s a fully-automated trading solution.
  • It should be used for long-term investing.
  • The EA has several filters (?).
  • It has a deposit protection system that places SL, according to SL_percent_balans parameters.
  • The robot has several trading modes (conservative, aggressive).
  • It can work with any broker house and spreads.


Mr. Martin Pricing

The offer is $500 for a copy of the product. There’s a demo download possibility. The developer provided no money-back-guarantee.

How it works

  • The default settings let us trade the EUR/USD symbol on the M1 time frame.
  • GMT Offset should be set +2.
  • We have to have a minimum of $1000 on the deposit.
  • The developer has conservative and aggressive settings. It’s unclear about what the settings we’ll use.
  • If the spreads are higher than 10, TP should be decreased.
Mr. Martin How it works

The developer provided a full list of parameters and possible inputs.

Trading Strategy

The robot uses Averaging Unprofitable positions (risky strategy).

Mr. Martin Trading Strategy

There are several backtests. This is a EUR/USD one on the M15 time frame with modeling quality 99.90%. The initial deposit was $750 (January 2014). It became $5919 of the total net profit (October 2018). The EA traded 689 deals with a 73%-74% win-rate.

Trading Results

Mr. Martin Trading Results

We’ve got a real USD account on ForexChief. The absolute gain is +671%, with 59.5% of the maximum drawdown. The robot performs algorithmic trading. The account is online for over 58 weeks. The win-rate was 64%.

Mr. Martin Mr. Martin Trading Results

The account was totally deposited at $28.2k and withdrawn at $35.5k.

Mr. Martin Mr. Martin Trading Results

The trading frequency is low because the EA opens four trades weekly. The latest trade was two days ago.

Mr. Martin Mr. Martin Trading Results

As we can see, every month was profitable, excluding January 2020. Many of them had outstanding results.

Mr. Martin drawdown

From the chart, we can see these spikes of drawdowns. Little accounts have much margin to oversight these drawdowns.

Mr. Martin Trading Results

Trading results are weird in both: Lot Sizing, winning streak.

Mr. Martin Trading Results

We don’t believe that a trade with a 6.48 Lot Size was placed by the EA. Most likely, it was a manual one.

Mr. Martin Trading Results

The maximum consecutive losses are insane – 7 ones. The robot traded 279 deals (77 Longs and 202 Shorts). An average profit trade is $98.65. An average loss is -$64.10.

Mr. Martin Myfxbook

Myfxbook results look much smoother comparing to the real account connected to the MQL5 forum. The absolute gain was +214.36% with an average monthly gain of over 5% (5.53%). The maximum drawdown was lower than 20% (14.59%). It proves once again that his real account results were reached by mixed trading: automatic and manual. 

Mr. Martin advanced statistics

The robot closed 327 deals with 2043.2 pips of the profit, keeping the Profit Factor high (3.23).

Mr. Martin Trading Results

The robot uses Heding, and a Grid plus Martingale combo.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Martin Customer Reviews

The robot has a three stars rate.

Mr. Martin Customer Reviews

There are several comments, but they’re not informative at all.

Mr. Martin Customer Reviews

The developer frequently communicates on the discussion branch on each of his products.

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