New Hampshire Primary and Paul Ryan’s Perspective on Trump and Haley

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In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, discussed the upcoming New Hampshire primary and expressed his belief that Donald Trump is not suitable for office. Ryan suggested that Republicans should instead place their bets on Nikki Haley to defeat President Joe Biden in the November elections.

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New Hampshire Primary: A Final Opportunity to Challenge Trump

As Republicans head to the polls on Tuesday in New Hampshire, it may be their last chance to impede Trump’s quest for the Republican nomination. After a strong victory in the Iowa caucuses, where he secured 51% of the vote, Trump has consolidated his position as a front-runner. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who came second in Iowa, has withdrawn from the race and given his endorsement to Trump.

The Moderate Republican Hope: Nikki Haley

Moderate Republicans are pinning their hopes on former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. With her impressive third-place finish in Iowa, securing 19% of the vote, she emerges as the primary remaining candidate poised to challenge Trump in New Hampshire—where Trump’s lead is at its narrowest.

Paul Ryan’s Perspective: Choosing Haley over Trump

For Paul Ryan, the choice is clear. As the 2012 vice-presidential candidate alongside Mitt Romney and a staunch conservative, Ryan has refused to bow to Trump’s influence over the party, which has garnered criticism from the former president himself. Ryan describes the current Republican Party as a populist movement, detached from any specific principles or policies. He believes that this populism is centered around a personality cult and a cultural war. Expressing his anti-Trump stance, Ryan unequivocally states that he believes Trump is unfit for office.


As the New Hampshire primary draws near, the Republican Party faces a crucial decision. Should they continue to back Donald Trump or place their bets on Nikki Haley? Paul Ryan’s perspective offers an alternative path that prioritizes principles over personality. The Trump campaign has not yet responded to Ryan’s comments.

The Potential Impact of the New Hampshire Primary on the 2024 Election


In an interview, former Speaker Paul Ryan shared his insights on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. While acknowledging that Donald Trump is a likely candidate, Ryan believes that the New Hampshire primary could be a turning point, particularly with regards to Nikki Haley’s prospects in South Carolina.

Nikki Haley’s Advantage

Ryan is particularly optimistic about Nikki Haley’s chances in a potential matchup against Joe Biden. He believes that Haley has the ability to appeal to a broader range of voters, including moderates, educated individuals, and suburbanites. According to Ryan, if Haley becomes the nominee, it could lead to a landslide victory akin to the 1980 election when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter decisively.

Trump’s Impact on Business

During the interview, Ryan fielded questions about the Republican Party’s relationship with the business community. While acknowledging the party’s shift towards Trumpian populism, Ryan argued that a second Trump presidency would be more favorable for businesses compared to another four years of Biden. Despite not explicitly endorsing Trump, Ryan expects a more pro-business stance, lighter regulations, and potentially unfavorable tariffs under his administration. However, he also cautioned that future iterations of Trump’s administration would have a different personnel makeup.

Economic Policy Comparison

Ryan expressed concerns about Biden’s economic policies, stating that they are detrimental for the country. In comparison, he believes that Trump’s economic policies would be more favorable, aside from trade considerations.

Overall, Ryan emphasized the importance of the upcoming election and how it could shape the future of the country’s economy and governance.

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