Privacy Policy

by webmaster

Your privacy is of paramount importance for us, and for that, we have taken all necessary measures to make sure that the data is collected, stored, retrieved, and disposed of safely. Your all information is collected and stored by taking into account the safety measures, and your privacy is respected above all. We make sure that personal information is only disclosed for legal business purposes.

To facilitate a better understanding of all the measures, we have carefully crafted the clauses of all privacy policies. This policy effectively highlights how we regulate the data being collected to make sure the individual rights and personal information of all the clients and visitors are well-protected. Here are 10 primary responsibilities and practices that we follow for you.

Information accountability: We are pledged to value all users and protect their information as we hold ourselves responsible for protecting the data we have collected from valuable users. There is a privacy officer associated with us who is diligently working to make sure that our staff is complying with the policy. We held ourselves responsible for taking users’ consent with privacy policy and provide information about security issues.

Information collection purpose: We will let the user know about the purpose of collecting, using, and storing the personal information of the users. We document the purpose at the time of collecting information. This identification of usage of information will be for those who are connected to our business, whether directly or indirectly.

Consent/Agreement: If you want to be a part of our mailing list, then you have to submit your consent through double opt-in. This is done to ensure that we don’t be a headache for the users, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Limited usage: Users’ personal information will be used for the purpose it was collected, and no other users will be made. We will use the information according to law, and if we are asked by any legal authority to share the information to comply with the law, then we will be bound to share the information under such circumstances.

Accuracy of information: We will take measures to ensure that your information is correct, complete, and up-to-date as we strive to collect and store accurate information. 

Constraint user information: We will collect only specific information that is required to run the operations smoothly. No extra personal information of users will be asked by any means. Thus, if you are asked to provide any sensitive information, then don’t provide it to anyone on this website or any other.

Security of information: Your personal information is entirely secured by gateways and special security measures. If required, we will dispose of items having your personal data through electronic deletion or shredding.

Accessibility to the privacy policy: We have print as well as an electronic version of our policy which can be accessed digitally or we can provide it on request to the users.

Individual access: As a member, you can access the data provided and can check your personal information. Your information may be updated time-to-time to make sure we are in touch with our valued customers all the time.

Challenging compliance to policy: If you have any queries related to the above-mentioned privacy policies, then feel free to contact the privacy officer at [email protected].

We respect your curiosity and are dedicated to answering all your queries.