R Factor EA

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R Factor EA

R Factor EA is a brand new Forex EA launched on 9th January 2021. The developer behind this system is Raphael Minato, a Brazillian trader who has been trading in the Forex market since 2014. It is mentioned that he has 16 years’ worth of trading experience and he developed this Forex EA in 4 years based on 3 years of profitable results.

The vendor states that the system uses a special algorithm that allows it to enhance future and current gains. It balances your portfolio when the market is congested, and this lets you utilize the winning pairs to their full extent. 

Now, before purchasing a Forex robot, it is important to carry out a background check and look for statistics that indicate its efficiency. It is also vital to look at factors like trading strategy, pricing, customer reviews, etc.

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R Factor EA Overview

First of all, R Factor EA does not have an official website. On its MQL5 page, the vendor seems to focus on the trading strategy and talks about how choosing the wrong strategy can have a psychological impact on the trader. Since the market operates in cycles, sometimes a rigid strategy might not be able to cut it and this calls for flexibility.

There are some signals provided that depict the performance of the Forex EA for real accounts and some of them show 3 years’ worth of results. The vendor seems to stress the fact that this system is backed by live trading performances. Details of portfolio sets and configurations can be found in the comments section.


R Factor EA is available for $499, but the vendor also gives you the option of renting the software for 3 months at $150. If you wish to check the performance before spending any money, you can download the free demo version.

Now, we think the price is a bit on the expensive side, considering the fact that this is a new product. There are other Forex EAs on the market with several years’ worth of track records that are available for much less. 

How it Works

R Factor EA places one pair for each trade at a time without using risky strategies like Martingale or Averaging. For all trades, dynamic take profits and stop losses are clearly outlined. The required initial deposit is quite low and for one pair you can start with a capital of $30. While working with the complete portfolio containing 12 pairs, you need to make a deposit of $100.

The vendor maintains an exclusive Telegram group for users. Here, you can access the latest sets, strategies, and developments by furnishing proof of purchase. 

Trading Strategy

As mentioned before, R Factor EA operates based on the knowledge that the market functions in cycles and at times, certain pairs perform better than others. It uses a proprietary dynamic portfolio balancing algorithm based on the Kelly Criterion Management. Thus, it places more emphasis on the profitable pairs, while reducing the impact made by the losing pairs during that time period.

This leads to the winning pairs growing independently as the significance of the losing pairs gets reduced. While this makes the portfolio highly volatile, you have the chance of earning high gains by taking high risks.

Trading Results

R Factor EA Trading Results

Here, we can see one of the backtesting results provided by the vendor for R Factor EA. Starting from May 2018, the account has placed trades till February 2021. We can see that the growth has remained steady over the years, with the system managing to generate a gain of 3114.30 AUD from a small initial deposit of 30 AUD.

It is also mentioned that 80% of the growth was achieved in 6 days, which is quite impressive. Out of 197 negotiations, the system has managed to win 71.06% of trades, making a gross profit of 5706.61 AUD. While the profit factor of 2.20 is highly satisfactory, the Sharpe Index of 0.27 can be considered sub-optimal.

R Factor EA Trading Results

The vendor has provided live trading results on the MQL5 page, like the one above, but these are not verified by independent sources. Most Forex traders look for live trading results verified by websites like FXBlue and Myfxbook, and they will no doubt be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

There are no user reviews available for R Factor EA on third-party websites. This tells us that it hasn’t yet gained much of a reputation for itself.

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