R0B0.1 Review

by Forex EA Top Team
R0B0.1 Review

The R0B0.1 is an absolutely awkward trading solution. The same we can say about their presentation. There’s almost nothing to discuss because it’s several pages long. The main claim convinces us that this robot is the “New Way Of Trading.” We’re sure it is not. 

R0B0.1 presentation

R0B0.1 Features

There’s nothing to talk about. The developers did their best to hide everything about the robot trading activities.

R0B0.1 Features
  • The company’s goal is to give away a robot that will change reality by making stable and sky-high profits.
  • The robot works completely automatically on the terminal. 
  • Only an automatic trading solution puts human emotions away from trading. 
  • The system is based on ten indicators.
  • The developers provide no information about what indicators are used and what type of data they provide the system. 
  • It can be anything, but most likely, they are something like Trend, Price Action strategies or trading around support and resistance levels. 
R0B0.1. It's a well known fact that it’s hard for a human to proceed with data received from all symbols and time frames.
  • It’s a well known fact that it’s hard for a human to proceed with data received from all symbols and time frames. 
R0B0.1 Features
  • The robot works with all available currency pairs on the MetaTrader4 platform.
  • The minimum balance to start trading with a 0.01 lot per deal is $250 or higher. 
  • The system should work with 90% of the win rate. We’re not sure that is correct without verified trading results. 
  • The robot runs the charts 24/5, looking for trading opportunities. 
  • The developers don’t disclose what strategies are behind the system.
  • There can be risky ones like Grid, Cost Averaging, Martingale, and Arbitrage. 
  • There’s a backtest video published on the site where we can notice the time frame (H1). 
  • The same backtest also provides us with the intel that the robot can trade USD/JPY. 


R0B0.1 Pricing

The R0B0.1’s price is $147. We can get a single real-account license. The developers insisted that a several-week-old robot may have got a $297 price. We can proceed with two subscriptions: one-month and three-month. The one-month subscription costs $37. The three-month subscription costs $67.

R0B0.1. The refund policy article sounds like an unedited piece of the text.

The refund policy article sounds like an unedited piece of the text. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. We wouldn’t rely on it because the site and presentation look like scams. 

R0B0.1 Pricing

Checking out is available only through their site. We have no idea whether they store our data safe, preventing it from being stolen by bad guys. Anyway, providing them with this info in such a risky decision. 

How it works

We have no idea, but it seems to us that the robot executes deals automatically for us. 

Trading Strategy

  • There are unnamed strategies behind it. 
  • The currency pairs aren’t revealed.
  • The time frames aren’t explained. 

Trading Results

R0B0.1. There’s a poor-quality screenshot of the backtest report.

There’s a poor-quality screenshot of the backtest report. We’ve never seen disrespect like this. It’s an iconic scam. 

Anyway, we have a USD/JPY report on the H1 time frame. The modeling quality was 27.34%. Common reports have 90.00-99.90% of the modeling quality. Everything less isn’t representative and is scam-like. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit was around $2338. The Profit Factor was 55.83 or so. The maximum drawdown was 3.12% ($38.29). The robot has closed 21 trades only. The win-rate was 95.24% for the SELL direction. The BUY direction didn’t have any deal opened.

There were no verified trading results published. It’s a solid con because we have no idea of what was going on with it on the live account. The developers may not know this too if they have no accounts under this EA management. 

Customer Reviews

There is no feedback provided. It’s a significant disadvantage because we don’t know how the robot works on people’s real accounts.

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