Risk Disclosure

by Forex EA Top Team

When it comes to trading in commodity futures, options, and commission futures, it entails a high amount of risks without promising any guaranteed profits. You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them while investing in Futures and Options markets. Just don’t go for investment if you can’t afford the loss of your hard-earned money as there are equal chances of earning profits and incurring losses. We can’t guarantee you the profit, as there is always a possibility of profit and loss at a time. As a trader of the market, you need to understand your susceptibility to said risks and, thus, be willing to accept them to enable your trading of options and futures. This disclaimer isn’t a call, invitation, or financial advice to engage in the trading of futures and options. The data which is made available on the website should not be taken as a suggestion to invest in any account, and the information about the past performance of any account cannot predict similar results in the future by any means.

CTFC RULE 4.41 – Speculative data or simulated results that are stemming from hypotheses are subjected to an array of limitations. Contrary to the real-life performance, hypothetical data is obtained from the trading conducted in a controlled environment; that’s why they can’t mimic the actual performance of options or futures. Previous records and assumptions have certain limits. There might be differences between the actual performance and the assumed one. Moreover, the collected data can’t assure future results. Keep it in your mind that the assumed data is collected and shown just to give you a guideline-not as a guarantee that the actual results will always be the same as shown. No warranty or surety is being given to assure the success of any account. Hypothetical trading doesn’t take into account any financial risk. All the information provided on this website or given, or shared by any expert advisor is only a guideline or a road-map, to make you understand the policy and the procedure. Any statement issued, or the shared number or figures of loss and profit is speculative – made from the experience or the previous trade results. Another essential factor that separates actual trading from simulated trading is understanding that is made available only after gauging situations after their occurrence in the real environment. However, such conditions don’t exist when it comes to real-life trading instances.

Trading is an extensive topic that takes into account a plethora of information, including a variety of deciding factors. That’s why any material of a piece of information made available on the website or any other channel is solely to educate interested people and shouldn’t be confused with predictive financial advice. Educational articles, e-books, expert advisory, or any other material purchased therein have been made accessible to improve your understanding of the working of the trading market. Similarly, any financial statements relevant to profits, income, or earnings- whether direct or indirect- do not guarantee or promises similar results for any account. You cannot hold any person, agency, or advisor responsible for the action and/or profits or losses that you may incur as a result of the trading.