SIEA Zen Review

by Forex EA Top Team

SIEA Zen is a trading advisor that has half-year young trading results on a real account. The presentation looks okay. The pricing is twice higher than it should be. 

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Daniel Stein is a developer from Germany with a 110,787 rate. His portfolio includes 18 products and 8 signals with a 5 rate based on 421 testimonials. 

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SIEA Zen features

Let’s talk about the settings, features, strategies, and other details of this FX EA. 

  • It works fully automatically.
  • The dev mentioned that there are only four copies left for $999. 
  • So, the next price should be higher. 
  • “The keys to success in trading Forex are discipline, patience and a clear edge, as we have with our unique real trading volume analysis.”
  • The system provides balance between ROI and surviving on the market. 
  • The system’s robustness provides the “peace of mind” for its users. 
  • The vendor provides us with GMT settings. 
  • The robot works with all 28 cross pairs based on 8 major pairs. 
  • “SIEA ZEN closes all its positions at the end of every month and starts a new cycle at the beginning of the next month.”
  • The drawdowns should be pretty low. 
  • An average trade length is four days.
  • It takes into account swaps. 
  • The system avoids expensive trades. 
  • The advisor survived many dangerous market events. 
  • All trades are supported by SL levels. 
  • We can set the maximum acceptable risks. 
  • There are three versions of SIEA: Zen, Max, and Pro. 


SIEA Zen pricing details.

The robot costs $999 for a single real account copy. There are three rental options available for $299 for three months, $499 for half a year, and $799 for an annual subscription. We still can download the system for demo usage for free. 

How it works

  • The advisor works automatically. 
  • It places SL and TP levels. 
  • The robot works on MT4 or MT5.
  • It has to work on a VPS server.
  • The time frame isn’t mentioned. 

Trading strategy

The strategy isn’t revealed. It looks odd and does not increase the trust level  to the vendor or the product he offers to the public.

Trading results

SIEA Zen backtest report.

The backtest united 28 cross pairs based on the almost three years of the tick data. The modeling quality was 100.00%. An initial deposit was $100,000. It has turned into $98,116 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdown was 5.54%. The profit factor was 7.12. The system traded 460 deals with 75% of the win rate for shorts and 65% for longs. 

SIEA Zen trading results.

The robot has been working on a real EUR account on JFD automatically with 1:200 leverage on MT5. The account has a verified track record. It was created on July 12, 2021, and deposited at €10,000. Since then, the absolute gain has become 4.33%. An average monthly gain is 0.82%. The maximum drawdown is 2.06%. 

SIEA Zen statistics.

The robot has closed only 34 orders with 1181.7 pips gained. An average win is 65.60 pips when an average loss is -39.27 pips. It traded only 2.10 lots. The win rate is between 63% and 80%. An average trade length is four days. The profit factor is 2.90. 

SIEA Zen directions.

The most traded pair is USDJPY with six orders and -$154.66 of losses. 

SIEA Zen hourly activities.

The system trades mostly during the proper hours. 

SIEA Zen daily activities.

Wednesday with 11 orders is the most traded day. 

SIEA Zen risks.

The advisor works with low risks to the balance. 

SIEA Zen closed orders.

The advisor works with various lot sizes on different cross pairs. 

SIEA Zen monthly profits.

The monthly profit varies from losses to gains. 

Customer reviews

People testimonials.

The presentation has several testimonials written about how everything is going on for the people who work with the system.  The system can make profits but not frequently.

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