Smart Crypto Bot Review: Automated Crypto Trading Bot

by Forex EA Top Team
Smart Crypto Bot Review: Automated Crypto Trading Bot

Smart Crypto Bot provides automated crypto trading with efficient features that comprise triggers, strategies, and much more. The aim of the platform is to earn passive money for users via its automated and emotionless process. Adept strategy implementation, risk, and portfolio management are assured by the platform.

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What is Smart Crypto Bot?

The platform enables users to invest crypto successfully via its efficient bots that help in tracking trades and automation to boost profit. It promises clean performance via its fast, efficient, and emotionless delivery. The bot uses live data to keep you updated on your assets, and positions, and sends notifications. Powerful and dedicated servers are used to run the bot enabling it to provide regular updates, active support, and more.

Price:€10.00/month+0.15% fee
Payment Options: PayPal/Credit or Debit Card/Crypto
Supported Exchanges:Binance/Gateio/Kucoin
Cloud Based: Yes
Strategies: 10+indicators/10+ triggers

Is it easy to use Smart Crypto Bot?

The platform is developed for easy use by traders. When you have registered and set up the bot as per your preferences, it starts trading for you. It works by continuously finding opportunities to boost your assets. Depending on the configuration you have made, it uses loss management with SL, trailing SL, and other approaches. Getting started with the bot is quick and easy. You need to complete the following steps:

  1. The platform uses Binance as its main exchange. So, you need to create a wallet and API key for linking the exchange to the bot. If you have an existing account, this step is not needed. 
  2. Create an account on the platform by using the Register option. 
  3. Add funds to your exchange account and you are all set to begin the automated trading process. The docs and whitepaper help in making the process easier.

Features of Smart Crypto Bot

Some of the significant features the platform provides are:

Automated feature

A fully automated trading process is assured by the bot 24/7. You can log in from any place to check the status of the bot. The bot uses predefined strategies and allows you to apply self-made conditions with the help of indicators and actions to control the bot.

User-friendly interface

The interface is simple and easy to use. You need not have prior knowledge to set up the bot and use it for your trading. The sections are easy to navigate and you can manage your positions manually or automatically via the dashboard feature. 


An integrated TradingView ensures you use all the premium features of the service and get an optimal chart view. With a TradingView license, you can configure webhooks to allow the bot to trade with the alerts from the service.

No installation

The hassle of downloading the software and installing it on your phone or desktop is not present with the bot. it is fully web-based so you just need good internet connectivity to use the software.

Strengths and weaknesses of Smart Crypto Bot

Triggers and indicatorsPricing and commission fee are high
Beginner-friendlyLack of performance proof
Limited exchange support

Is Smart Crypto Bot good? 

The platform assures an advanced trading bot, a high-level of support, and 24/7 activity. You get to use more than 10 triggers, over 1200 pairs, more than 10 indicators, and over 35,000 orders. However, the vendor does not provide verified performance proof which makes it difficult to assess the efficacy and profitability.

Is Smart Crypto Bot safe?

As per the vendor, the platform allows secure trading via professional encryptions that keep your API keys secure as the bot trades for you on an exchange. Two-factor authentication is recommended by the vendor for further protection of your account.

Customer support

For support, the vendor offers an FAQ, a Docs section, a whitepaper, and links to its community on Telegram and Discord. The vendor assures responding to queries related to the bot within 24 hours.


Launched in the second quarter of 2019, the service is made of an extremely dedicated team that includes Frank van der Bor, the CEO and Coen Smeekes, Edgar Bonaccorso, Bas Visser, and Bas Knobbout.

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