Superalgos Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
Superalgos Review: What You Need to Know

Superalgos is a crypto platform that integrates all components of automated trading in a single environment enabling ease of access. Crypto traders and developers will find the platform beneficial. The service allows users to design, test, and deploy bots which are available for free. You have full control over the bots as the software is of open-source type with no counterparty risks.

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What is Superalgos?

Superalgos software is a community-owned entity that is of open source and token-incentivized global collaboration. It is a cross-platform system that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other Node JS supported operating methods. It supports over 120 crypto assets and hence can be added to the CCXT library in the future.

Payment Options: N/A
Supported Exchanges:More than 120 crypto exchanges
Cloud Based: Yes
Strategies: Indicators contributed by community users and create your own indicators

Is it easy to use Superalgos?

The download, setup, and use of the bot are easy. Here are the steps you need to complete:

Features of Superalgos

Some of the key features of the bot as per the vendor are:

Automated crypto trading

The platform offers forward testing and live trading feature, configurable execution algorithms, bot farms, and bots for managing your portfolio. You can create and deploy bots in as many exchanges as you want with the scalable operations allowed on the platform

Free to use

All features and functionalities are free to access and there are no premium plans. You can own your datasets by downloading and analyzing market info on your devices. The platform allows you to run multiple bots and backtests.


With the open-source format, you get to enjoy a transparent, public, and auditable code. You can copy the successful strategies of community members, get free support, meet expert traders, and more with the platform.

Diverse execution modes

You can exploit the top testing features and live trading capabilities of the platform. The advanced backtests help test the multiple rule variations and avoid overfitting. With the forward tests and paper trading, you can test your strategies without risking your capital. You can use multiple accounts and trade on multiple markets and exchanges simultaneously with the service.

Strengths and weaknesses of Superalgos

Strengths   Weaknesses
Free to useThe features and functionalities are complex to understand
Tutorials and guidesNo verified performance proof
More than 100 supported exchanges

Is Superalgos good?

The platform has many features that ensure efficient, fast, and successful trading. Forward tests, paper trading, live trading, integrated charting, custom data visualization, and many other features provide a good environment for choosing a bot, deploying it, and making profitable returns. However, the platform does not offer verified performance proof so we are unable to check the reliability and profitabili

Is Superalgos safe?

As per the company, the open-source nature of the software makes it accessible for any developer or technical individual to check its safety. The community members ensure that the software is safe to use. The API keys you set up for trading stay with you and are not stored by the platform. Further, the software connects directly to your exchange and trades from your account without the involvement of any third-party making your API keys, personal info, and strategies safe.

Customer support

For support, the vendor provides an online contact form. There are social media links to Discord, Twitter, Telegram, GitHub, Medium, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and the community forum of the company.


The core team members of the company include Luis Molina, the lead developer with 15 years of experience in fintech and crypto since 2013. Other members include Julian Molina and Andreja Cobeljic. They are involved in crypto trading since 2016. 

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