TechBerry Review

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Techberry Platform

TechBerry takes its place as one of the first automated social trading analytical platforms that allow subscribers to earn income averaging 11.2% a month. The platform collects trading data from more than 100,000 portfolios using its one-of-a-kind AI technology.

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TechBerry features

Since 2015, TechBerry has worked in the Forex markets to revolutionize social trading. It has beaten every other algorithm and is ranked at the top within the financial industry. The deep learning algorithm scans out all the executions and picks the best amongst them.

TechBerry comes as an easy-to-use algorithmic trading solution that processes data from more than 100k accounts that the Forex community members share. By collecting the best executions, it creates a custom strategy. To enjoy algorithm-driven income, investors can join in using the annual subscription. 

How TechBerry works

For individuals 

By subscribing, members get access to a strong side income-generating machine. It takes only a few clicks to sign up. There is no experience necessary from a member. There is also loss reimbursement policy if there is a drawdown on the portfolio.

For traders

By providing TechBerry with your MT4 or 5 trading data, you can earn a good amount of income in the market. 

Professional traders can enjoy additional income by sharing their trades with TechBerry.

To get the algorithm up and running, traders only have to download it and load the EA on the MT4 or 5 platform. Based on the incoming data from the account, TechBerry’s AI will create a custom, highly profitable trading strategy. 

Is TechBerry reliable or a scam?

TechBerry takes its place as one of the most trustworthy and future-oriented EAs in the market. It forms multiple partnerships with 50 reputable brokers that come under the check and balance of top financial institutions such as FCA, FSA, FINRA, CFTC, FSC, BaFIN CySEC, and other authorities.

The metaverse of trades

The collection of data from hundreds of thousands of portfolios creates a metaverse of trading opportunities. TechBerry acts as a source of guidance for those exploring the new world of financial trading. The AI ensures that your path is clear and accessible. Eliminating the need to read the daily news, analyze, and evaluate over 100k portfolios, TechBerry does all the job automatically. 

Live trading results proved by independent analytical platforms

TechBerry tracks its performance on top tracking websites such as FXBlue, FXAudit, Myfxbook, etc., ensuring reliability and reputability. The records are also available on the website. 

Powered by TechBerry artificial intelligence

TechBerry does not come under the influence of any human factors as it collects data from multiple trading accounts. The neural network handpicks the best strategies, sessions, and time frames. Not only that, but it also analyzes the perfect chart pattern at any given time. Common statistics such as profit factor, drawdown, buy or sell trades, etc., is a simple job for the EA. As a result, they get an impressive winning rate from the AI.

Memberships that fit special needs

TechBerry offers multiple plans that differ based on service fee, minimum deposit, etc., as shown below.

The AI-based platform allows members to select a plan depending on their deposit, output, records access, service fee, loss reimbursement policy, profit share, and so on.

Techberry plans

Here are the key features.

Fees: Starting at $19 annually, members can get the Green membership, while the Infinite comes at $499 per year. To get a taste of the service, subscribers can also get a free trial. 

Calculating the service fee: The service fees vary from 50/50 to 85/15, that is deducted from the profit only. 

Loss compensation policy: It maintains utmost customer satisfaction and upholds the brand name. The platform offers up to 100% reimbursement of the losses if members choose the Infinite package. It is also possible to receive cashback up to 50% in lower-end plans.

Personal manager: Subscribers can have their personal account manager starting from the Gold subscription plan. 

Funding requirements: the Green package comes with a minimum deposit option of $5000 with no upper threshold, while the Infinite starts from half a million dollars. 


It’s challenging to make money consistently in the markets.

The future of the social trading platforms is TechBerry which comes as a state-of-the-art product. The community of traders may become a massive advantage for many market professionals. The platform offers filtered data from more than 100k trading accounts and combines it to provide a reliable money-making tool.

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