The Fund Trader Review: A System with Frequent Margin Calls

by Forex EA Top Team
The Fund Trader

The Fund Trader invites you to copy trades from their software and make easy money by executing positions on funded accounts from proprietary firms. A trader can access the website after providing his email and observe the offerings from Gordon Francis, the signal provider. 

The trading account providing insight into the service has been up and running since 2016, according to Myfxbook stats. Gordon aims to provide traders with a unique and easy solution to their financial problems without sharing any percentage of profits. Before diving into investment perspective via the Fund Trader, take a peek at our best forex signal list so you can contrast and get an idea of which one is better. 

The Fund Trader presentation

The Fund Trader Features

This trading tool uses 18 pairs, including gold, without employing dangerous techniques such as grid, martingale, and hedging. Providers try to convince traders with their huge ROI over the past five years. An initial investment of $1000 that would turn into $290000 is widely discussed, with the aim to provide similar performance for the future.  

Risk Management

Risk management settings are customizable according to the equity of your portfolio. This saves a trader from the hassles of manually mirroring the trades and adjusting the lot size.

Prop Firms

After trading with the program for two months, the trader can sign up to prop firms with information available for those who buy the program. 


The current price for a three-month membership stands at $297. Yearly membership comes at a discount for a quote of $597. All the packages come with the Fund Trader auto software, free updates, customer support, best recommendations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Fund Trader Pricing

How does it work?

The copy trading software is installed directly into the MT4 directory, responsible for copying trades from the source, i.e., the Fund Traders’ main trading account. 

Trading Strategy

The trader uses both fundamental and technical analysis to place his executions. The Fund Trader website mentions an average holding time of 5- 24 hours, providing us information that Gordon is a day trader. The trading history on Myfxbook shows trade durations for a few seconds in 2016. The trading style gradually shifts from scalping to day and swing trading from 2016 to 2020.

The Fund Trader. The trading history on Myfxbook shows trade durations for a few seconds in 2016.

The promise of trading 18 pairs does not hold true as well. The instruments frequently change each month with the quantity from 1 to 10. 

Trading Results

The verified result is available on Myfxbook, which shows the performance statistics for the past five years. In March, the trading account experienced a huge drawdown of 46.81%. Scanning the history, we can see the trader opened orders on a losing trade at gold in the same direction, hoping that the market will turn its course anytime soon. Without any stop-loss, this resulted in a considerable loss where the trader closed all the positions with a huge drawdown. 

The Fund Trader drawdown

Other important factors to know about the system are as follows:

  • Profit factor and winning ratio. The profit factor of 4.59 with an average win ratio of 84% and 81% for a long and short position is way above the required market for staying in the positive territory. However, we wouldn’t want to base our conclusions on that. Drawdown percentages are much better to predict the future outlook of your account.
  • Pips and lots. The trader bagged in 37403.7 pips with an average win of $314.66 and loss of $336.85. A total of 14178 lots have been traded.
The Fund Trader advanced statistics

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the have an overall rating of 2.944 for a total of 14 comments. The thoughts are there for the whole company, i.e., Some look like they are bought while others are genuine. It can take time for systems to work. The get rich quick thoughts do get the best of some people who over leverage their accounts adding additional risks before testing the products on demo. 

The Fund Trader customer reviews
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