Waw Forex Signals Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Waw Forex Signals Review

We’d like to read a review about an Accurate Forex Signals service. Let’s figure out if this is a viable option to go.

Waw Forex Signals presentation
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Waw Forex Signals Features

Waw Forex Signals Features
  • The signals can provide 400-1500 pips monthly.
  • An average signal frequency is very low: from 3 to up to 8 signals weekly.
  • They can host us, so we won’t need a VPS service.
  • Copy-trading works completely automatically for us.
  • The devs insisted that signals are generated by manual trading – short and long term.
  • The signals are delivered for all currency pairs.
  • There’s a team of professionals who decides when it’s time to open trades for us.
  • We can customize risks to our account balance or just copy master’s ones.
  • The software supports 4 and 5-digit brokers and all account types: MT4, MT5, cTrader, and FXCM & LMAX,
Waw Forex Signals Features
  • The win-rate is up to 76%.
  • There’s friendly and knowledgeable support.


Waw Forex Signals Pricing

There are three packages that vary by terms. The one-month pack costs $55. It’s weird to see the price in USD as for the best company from the UK. The three-month pack costs $144. The half a year package costs $234. All of them include signals, trade copying software, VPS, support. The cheapest pack includes a single license, the rest ones – two licenses.

How it works

Waw Forex Signals How it works
  • It allows copying trades from a master account on any number of slave accounts without delays.
  • We can check our account running from anywhere.
  • The system allows copy-trading software to do all trading duties for us.

Trading Strategy

The trades are generated by various strategies based on Fundamental, Technical analysis, Day, and Swing trading styles.

Trading Results

The developers didn’t provide any proof that their efforts can make profits. We were surprised by this. They mentioned that there are great analysts behind all open trades. So, if yes, how can we take a look at verified by myfxbook, fx blue, or fxstat results? It’s such a big deal to know if there are Grid, Martingale, Hedging, Averaging, or even Arbitrage trades.

Waw Forex Signals Myfxbook

We’ve searched for the account on myfxbook. It was the only one with Waw in its name. It’s a real AUD account on Pepperstone. The trader trades with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. This account has a verified track record. It was deployed on October 07, 2020, and funded at A$5400. Since then, the absolute gain has become -78.55%. An average monthly gain is -48.31%. The maximum drawdown is -82.78%.

Waw Forex Signals drawdown

As we can see, last month’s drawdowns were insanely high.

Waw Forex Signals advanced statistics

The robot closed 26 deals with 234 pips. An average win is 23.31 pips, while an average loss is -13.84 pips. The win rate for Longs is 20%, for Shorts is 71%. An average trade length is one day. The Profit Factor is 2.19.

Waw Forex Signals trading results

The most profits were brought by trading EUR/AUD and EUR/CHF in the SELL direction ($652 and $491).

Waw Forex Signals trading results

There’s no system at the time of opening trades. 

Waw Forex Signals trading results

Thursday and Friday are the less active days. Clients won’t be happy to know that most signals are delivered only three days a week. 

Waw Forex Signals trading results

The EA runs the account with moderate risks to the account balance.

Waw Forex Signals trading results

As we can see, the robot opened a deal with an insanely high Lot Size. This forced the account to lose 82% of the balance. 

Waw Forex Signals trading results

Even after losing much, the EA keeps trading with big Lot Sizes that keep the account in the risk zone. 

Waw Forex Signals monthly gain

After these trading results, we have to check future ones for at least a year before making a final decision. 

Customer Reviews

Waw Forex Signals Customer Reviews

We’ve got only on-site, most likely faceless fake reviews. Just check them, there is nothing about profits in pips or money. Robert said that he used the service for 18 months. Let’s be it. So, how many pips have you got since starting? 

Other notes

This service looks like an iconic scam. The developers carefully avoided everything that can prove their previous trading experience and a deep understanding of the market. Without verified trading results, it’s just another scam service.

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1 comment

kuzmaraj February 27, 2021 - 3:16 pm

I was using this signal service for the last 6 Months. It was perfect and generated good profits. They have a money management strategy that looks like this: (standard lots) 0.01 lots for every $100 USD, 0.05 lots for every $500 USD, 0.1 lots for every $1,000 USD ..etc They also advice users to configure a leverage of 1:500. They offer managed accounts where you can give them access to your account so that they can trade for you. Another alternative is to install an Expert Advisor which will copy the trades automatically from their servers. So far so good. Just when everything was looking perfect, on 23rd Feb 2021, they suddenly sent a series of very bad trades (8 trades) that completely wiped out everyone’s account who was connected at that time. I personally lost $25,000 USD. They have their official account on myfxbook and looking at it, they had planned all this as it looks like they stopped trading and withdrew their funds on 15th Feb 2021. This leaves the question: What is their motive for doing this to all their trusted customers? Could they be working with one or more brokers who could benefit if we lost all this cash? This has devastated many people. They have blocked all forums and chats so that people cannot discuss what happened. I would advice anyone who is thinking of subscribing to these scammers to beware of their activities. I have evidence of all the transactions from my live account if anybody wants to review them.


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