WolfBot Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
WolfBot Review: What You Need to Know

Wolfbot is a trading advisor that works automatically on the crypto market. It is a crypto software for over 600 crypto currency markets. The presentation will help you to understand if the system fits your trading and profit expectations.

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What is WolfBot?

Price:$90, $480, and $700
Payment Options:Crypto only
Supported Exchanges:Over 25 exchanges
Cloud Based:Yes
Strategies:Arbitrage strategy

Is it easy to use WolfBot?

The system should be easy to use. You can start working with the bot without previous tradinng experience.  

Features of WolfBot

We have split the list of written features in several thematic blocks. This will allow you to understand the system better.

Experience free trading

  • The bot works 24/7 on the market.
  • It will look for trading opportunities tirelessly.
  • It’s possible to use it without installation.
  • It’s an open-source trading solution.

Automated trading

  • We can expect that the system will perform orders on a terminal completely automatically.
  • The advisor will store API keys on a cloud.
  • There’s sentiment analysis performed to understand if the market provides trading opportunities.

Money management and security

  • We can work with margin trading of x2-x3, or so.
  • It can lend out crypto assets to traders that use the same crypto assets.
  • It’s possible to work with future contracts, with leverage levels applied.
  • The system will form a history of past trading activities.

Trading features

  • It performs an arbitrage strategy that works based on the price difference between exchanges.
  • The system can be price-neutral and it is able to buy or sell the same amount of crypto assets on both exchanges.
  • There are many arbitrage opportunities available on the market.
  • We can Hedge our positions for a small price.
  • The system can be backtested properly.
  • It’s possible to get notifications on our smartphone directly.
  • The bot can use machine learning to understand where the market goes.
  • It will get data from new candles, live trades feed, current unfinished candle updates, and orderbook modifications.
  • There are the following indicators that can be used for profitable trading: RSI, RSIStarter, RSIScalper, MACD, DEMA/EMA/SMA, PercentDEMA, BollingerBands, TrendLines, CCI, MFI, OBV, KAMA, STC, StochRSI.
  • The following exchanges are allowed to work:
    • Binance
    • Bitfinex
    • BitMEX
    • Bittrex
    • Kraken
    • OKEX
    • Bybit
    • Poloniex
    • Deribit
    • Coinbase Pro
    • Bitstamp
    • Gemini
    • FTX
    • HitBTC
    • Bibox
    • Huobi
    • KuCoin
    • Liquid
    • YoBit
    • Bitkub
    • Coss.io
    • Cex.io
    • Cobinhood
    • FCoin
    • Nova


The bot can be rented out for $90 for a single month, $480 for six months, and $700 for a year. The package can include WolfBot cloud instance, unlimited trading pairs, access to all official strategies, official indicators, plugins, and all exchanges, all three modes, backtesting, smartphone push notifications, no limits to trading capital, and premium support.

Strengths and weaknesses of WolfBot

We know a list of supported indicatorsNo team revealed
Affordable rental optionsNo settings details provided
There are many exchanges that can be used to trade onNo paper trading revealed
No actual trading results provided
No refund policy applied

Is WolfBot good?

The system can be good to go but we don’t know this without actual trading results. So, there are some risks of unprofitable trades.

Is WolfBot safe?

The system works on the market through API keys. Ayway, this doesn’t mean that the system can secure us from potential losses.

Customer support

The developers provide average support via email. They usually answer questions within several hours.


We don’t know how good the system is because there are no trading results provided and no people’s testimonials written.

Bottom line

WolfBot is a trading solution that uses an Arbitrage strategy to be profitable. It works based on a price difference between exchanges. The presentation explains other details too. We don’t have testimonials, trading results or backtest reports  provided. So, we can’t be sure that the system will work well for us. 

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