XFXea Review

by Forex EA Top Team

XFXea is a trading advisor that should help us to be profitable. The presentation is short and it doesn’t look professional. The main statement is “XFXea regular profits on your account.”

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XFXea features

The presentation has a few features explained. The rest we had to come up with. 

  • It works completely automatically on the terminal. We have to do nothing in addition. 
  • We don’t know details about the strategies in this system. 
  • The trading results show that there’s a Grid of orders. 
  • Most likely, there should be price action applied. 
  • “Thanks to special calculations and transaction algorithms, the developers were able to ensure that the system practically doesn’t have loss periods.”
  • If the order was closed with losses, the system would use Martingale to increase a lot size to recover. 
  • The Entry Point calculates based on the range indicator data received from the terminal.
  • We can work with two symbols AUD/USD and EUR/USD.
  • It opens trades frequently. 


XFXea pricing.

The system is available for $260 for a lifetime copy. It follows NFA rules. The package is featured by one lifetime and two demo account licenses, MT4 and MT5 versions, user manual, free updates, and welcome support. We may rely on a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How it works

  • It works automatically. 
  • It places SL and TP levels.
  • It managed lot sizes. 

Trading strategy

  • The robot uses an unnamed strategy. Probably it’s a Grid with Price Action.
  • We can trade AUD/USD and EUR/USD.
  • The time frame is not revealed. 

Trading results

XFXea backtest report.

We have a report on AUDUSD on the H1 time frame with 100% risk. It was tested on the five years of tick data. The modeling quality was 90.00% with three pips spreads. An initial deposit was $5000. It has become $86,748,970. The profit factor was 2.06. The maximum drawdown was insane – 59.89%. The robot closed only 974 deals with a 62% win rate for short and 74% for long trading positions.

XFXea live trading results.

The advisortrades on a real USDCent account. The system works automatically using technical indicators data from MT4. We have no data about leverage. The account was created on September 18, 2018, and deposited at $500.79. Since then, the total gain has become +2439.83%. An average monthly gain is 9.53%. The maximum drawdown is unfriendly – 53.37%.

XFXea statistics.

The advisor has traded 539 orders with 3617.1 pips traded. An average win is 32.82 pips when an average loss is -46.02 pips. The accuracy is 64% for longs and 67% for shorts. An average trade length is three days. The profit factor is 1.68.

Currency pairs the robot trades on.

AUD/USD is the most traded and profitable symbol with 302 orders and $8043.06. 

XFXea hourly trading activities.

It works mostly during European trading hours. 

XFXea daily activities.

Tuesday is still ahead in trading with 122 orders. 

XFXea risks.

The system works with medium risks to the balance. 

XFXea closed orders.

We may note several blocks of orders that were closed with big losses. 

XFXea monthly trading activities.

The advisor closed many months with losses. 

Customer reviews

XFXea page on Forex Store.

The system has a 9.5 rate from 10 possible.  We have no extra reviews from the sites like Forex Peace Army, Trustpilot, and others. It’s typical for “powered by Forex Store” trading solutions.

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