Zenith EA Review

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Zenith EA

Zenith is a Forex-related trading advisor that was published on March 29, 2021, by Olena Skrynnik. The last version is 5.0 that was updated several days ago, on July 13, 2021. The system was activated seven times, and was demo downloaded 566 times. 

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Zenith EA Features

The system has a short presentation that doesn’t include a piece of extended information about the functionality and settings.

  • The robot is a fully automatic trading solution that can work for us on MT4/MT5 terminal. 
Zenith EA parameters
  • We may check the settings without downloading a trading advisor. 
  • The system has a seal-learning algorithm. 
  • The robot can trade quite frequently on charts. 
  • The developer mentioned that there’s no Scalping strategy behind the system. 
  • The start of trading begins at 12 p.m. on Monday. 
  • We can start trading on any type of account. 
  • “The system uses a neural network for trading. The specificity of neural networks is such that it requires a period of learning from history and testing outside this period of learning.” We are not sure that the robot that costs less than $100 can have a neural network feature. 
  • The presentation mentions that the default parameters should be changed. Many clients will mess up with this. 
  • It’s quite hard to do for those who don’t know what a Forex is. 


The developer mentioned that there’s a 50% sale. Now, the robot is available for just $99 for a lifelong real-account license. This offer has never included rental options for clients to check the system in action. We may note that the offer doesn’t include any kind of refund policy. At the same time, the system is available for demo download. 

How it works

The system works automatically for us on a single currency pair – EURUSD. At the same time, the system supports USDCHF, EURUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, and GBPUSD.

Trading Strategy

  • “EA based on artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is an optimization technique that simulates the foraging behavior of honey bees.” It’s hard to understand for even a semi-professional trader what she talks about. 
  • “In the ABC algorithm, there are three types of bees: employed bees, onlooker bees, and scout bees. Each bee does the knowledge assigned to it: checks the patterns, reads the graph to identify problems, trains the network on the received data, breaks down, and classifies the patterns.” We can’t be sure of what we read and if we understand correctly. 
  • The advisor works only with five cross pairs: USD/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY
  • There’s a single time frame to work with – H1.

Trading Results

Zenith EA Trading Results

The presentation includes a backtest report that could be modified before publishing. We haven’t seen in common reports a sentence like “100% real ticks”. The total net profit has amounted to $59,671.10. We don’t know the details about the initial deposit. The maximum drawdown was 3.92%. The profit factor was a good one – 5.24 when the recovery factor was 105.13. The system has executed 2101 orders. The win rate was 72.17% for shorts and 69.75% for longs.

Zenith EA Trading Results

The developer provided us with two demo accounts where one is worse than another. The broker was chosen as RoboForex. It’s a good broker house for automatic trading. The leverage is 1:500. The maximum drawdown is quite low 9.7%. The accuracy rate is 81.3%. The maximum deposit load is 3.9%. The robot executes orders for 17 weeks in a row. The maximum growth is 45%. 

The trading frequency is 15 deals a week. An average trade length is a day. The account has fourteen subscribers. 

Zenith EA Trading Results

The profit lines went down significantly in July 2021. 

Zenith EA drawdown

The robot doesn’t look optimized because of huge drawdowns. 

Zenith EA trading results

It’s easy to notice three huge losses when profits are mediocre. 

Zenith EA trading results

There were 209 deals traded. The best trade was $140.02 when the worst trade was -$123.58. The gross profit is $3267.54 when the gross loss is -$1028.94. The recovery factor is 4.84. The profit factor is 3.18. An average profit is $19.22  when an average loss is -$26.38.

Zenith EA distribution

The robot focuses on working with a single cross pair – EURUSD. 

Zenith EA. The MQL5 bot warned the system from time to time.

The MQL5 bot warned the system from time to time. 

Zenith EA. The developer provides some explanations about how the system works.

The developer provides some explanations about how the system works. 

Customer Reviews

Zenith EA Customer Reviews

The testimonials have both negative and positive feedback. Most likely, not only the system traded horribly but also people couldn’t customize it well.

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