Zero to Hero FX Signals Review

by Forex EA Top Team
Zero to Hero FX Signals

Zero to Hero FX Signals intimates that it is dedicated to assist users to enhance their Forex trading outcomes. The team promises to show you an easier way to climb to the top when you subscribe to the service. The company, which was founded in 2018, is run by an individual called Bert. He is a Forex trader and has been trading for over a decade now. However, there is no info about the professionals he works with or their qualifications. 

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Zero to Hero FX Signals features

We have summed up the features of the service here:

  • Offers trading signals for the Forex market
  • Targets to deliver 300 pips monthly
  • Trading info is usually sent immediately via email, SMS, or Telegram app 
  • Can be used on 4-10 trades daily
  • Trades on several currency pairs; AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY


The vendor offers both short-term and long-term packages. If you want to use the signals on a monthly or quarterly basis, then the cost is $95 and $195, respectively. Alternatively, using the service for extended periods is costlier. Therefore, you will be charged $295 to receive the signals for 6 consecutive months. The yearly option asks you to pay $395 for the service. 

Zero to Hero’s pricing packages.

How it works

Zero to Hero says it aims to provide accurate and reliable Forex signals to traders. They believe their service could revolutionize the way people look at Forex. Once the professionals identify and select signals, they send them to you through the various channels we mentioned earlier. The message will include the entry price value, stop loss, and take profit levels. Your work is to apply the info on your trading account. 

Trading strategy

The vendor says that they focus on the technical and fundamental pressures on the major currency pairs. They then utilize the data obtained from their assessment to choose the best trades. This information on the trading strategy is vague and doesn’t help us to fully understand how the professionals look for signals. A trend matching strategy is also mentioned, but the team does not elaborate on it. 

Trading results

Backtest graph.

The devs use the chart above to illustrate the performance of their signals during the supposed 4-year backtest period. They claim that the trend matching strategy they used obtained strong and steady results. However, the source of this graph is unknown, not to mention that it is unverified. So, we don’t know if the chart is authentic or not. Furthermore, we are not informed about other parameters — the drawdown, profitability rate, average winnings and losses, profit factor, etc. 

Live trading statistics.

The signals were used on a demo account on FXBlue between June 2019 and January 2020. In the end, a profit of $2790.92 was realized from a deposit of $3000. Therefore, the account closed with a balance of $5790.92.

Performance of trades.

The signals traded on multiple currency pairs for 209 days and attained a total return rate of 93%. From a profit factor of 1.24 and a win rate of 56.3%, it is apparent that the profitability rate of the service was average. The monthly and weekly return rates were 9.7% and 2.2%, respectively. There was a peak drawdown of -29.3%. 

Risk of ruin.

The signals have a higher chance of bringing in losses than wins as it has a higher average loss of -$54.15 against an average win of $51.95. But the difference between these values is not high. So, the account’s risk of ruin (1.9%) was low. The risk/reward ratio (1.50) was favorable. 

Performance of currency pairs.

The EURUSD was the least traded currency pair with only two completed orders. The pair was also unprofitable as it made a loss of -$2.80.

Customer reviews

Zero to Hero FX Signals has a 4.401 rating based on 27 reviews on FPA. Obviously, the experience of most traders is good. There are claims that the signals have generated profits. However, there’s a customer who disagrees with these sentiments because the signals have caused his account to suffer losses. 

Customer feedback.
Customer feedback.
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