Zeus Review

by Forex EA Top Team

Zeus is an MT4 Forex robot alleged to bring 5-15% monthly profits for users, depending on market volatility. The vendor also says that it produces an average drawdown of less than 20%, which makes it suitable for investors who don’t like taking high risks. The system is ultra-fast and performs trades on a large scale.  

Elite CurrenSea, an award winning trading and education provider, is the brain behind this system. The company was founded back in 2014 by two individuals named Nenad Kerkex and Chris Svorcik. Both claim to be experts in Forex trading, and have won several awards in the course of their personal careers. Mykyta Barabanov is also an employee of Elite CurrenSea and is responsible for business development, growth marketing, and investing roles in the organization.  

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Zeus overview

We have highlighted for you below the characteristics of the robot:

  • It’s developed to work on the MT4 trading platform. 
  • It only trades the EURUSD pair.
  • There’s no minimum starting capital needed, but you are advised to use at least €2500 for best results.
  • The robot works with any account type.
  • It trades on the M5 chart.
  • It is recommended that you enlist the services of a trusted broker like Key to Markets.
  • The system comes with a free VPS and a user guide.


The vendor offers 3 distinct packages for this system, namely Rental, Rental Sponsored, and Lifetime plans that cost €699, €399, and €999, respectively. The first two plans need to be renewed annually, while the last one is paid only once. A management service is also available for free. The only requirement is for you to have a supported broker account. 

How it works

Zeus is an automated Forex trading system created to produce passive income for the user without their involvement. So, it will run on your MT4 terminal, monitor, and trade the market using a set of parameters the vendor has programmed into it. 

Trading strategy

The devs indicate that they are not ready to disclose the specific rules that the system applies to open and close positions. They only say that the system works with the EURUSD symbol because it offers the most suitable volatility, liquidity, and less international risk. 

Trading results

Backtest statistics.

The EA was tested between January 2016 and August 2020 using a $2500 deposit on the M5 chart. In the end, a total of 14,662 trades were implemented. The resulting win rates for long positions were 69% and 70% for short ones. So, the realized profit amount was quite decent at $9356.32. Unfortunately, the drawdown rate (53.30%) produced was very high. This raises serious concerns about the risky nature of the strategy on board. The profit factor was 1.52.  

Live trading stats on Myfxbook.

The EA has only managed to make a total gain of 21.18% for the account after trading on it for about one and a half years. This tells us that it hardly identifies lucrative opportunities. You can also see that the daily and monthly profit rates are below 2%. Sadly, the trading risks are extremely high. This explains the massive drawdown of 71.01% generated. We suspect that the other trading outcomes are poorer, and that’s why the devs hide them from the public. 

Trading performance.

Zeus has been very busy, given that it has already completed more than 70,000 trades on the account. Even then, there is nothing to celebrate as both short (68%) and long positions (69%) haven’t generated impressive outcomes.  

Risk of ruin.

The account is not at risk of being destroyed as of now. 

Monthly returns.

The system performed very poorly in March, having recorded losses amounting to -39.41%. 

Customer reviews

We found two recent reviews for this system on FPA. We have a client who has given the system a 5-star, praising it for giving him steady profits with a reasonable drawdown. He also loves it that the vendor has included a lifetime license. However, there’s a trader who says he suffered immense losses with the robot, eventually losing 2500 Euros in the process. For this reason, he has given the EA a 1-star. 

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