Globalstar: A New Strategy for Success

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Globalstar, a long-standing player in the satellite industry, has recently undergone significant changes in hopes of turning their fortunes around. With a new leadership team consisting of seasoned veterans from Qualcomm, optimism is growing among investors.

Since the announcement that Paul Jacobs, the former CEO of Qualcomm, would be taking the helm as Globalstar’s new chief executive, the company’s shares have surged by 40% to $1.50. Jacobs, who led Qualcomm from 2005 to 2018, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role. It is worth noting that Qualcomm was founded by his father, Irwin Jacobs.

In a recent interview with _, Jacobs expressed his enthusiasm for Globalstar’s unique combination of space and land wireless spectrum. He highlighted the company’s lucrative partnership with Apple and emphasized the vast opportunities for connecting vehicles and various industries.

One key advantage that Globalstar possesses is its well-suited spectrum for small devices. This means that devices utilizing Globalstar’s wireless spectrum can operate seamlessly on a global scale without requiring different radio components as they travel across borders.

Despite the undeniable excitement surrounding the space industry, it has yielded more thrills than profits in recent years. However, Globalstar’s pioneering vision and strategic positioning make it an intriguing prospect for investors.

Originating in the 1990s as a joint venture between Qualcomm and Loral, Globalstar made history when Jacobs’ father placed the first phone call over their satellite network in 1998. With their renewed strategy and talented leadership, Globalstar seems poised to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the dynamic satellite industry.

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Globalstar: A Potential Player in the “Internet of Things”


A Brief History

Globalstar went public in 2006 after overcoming financial difficulties. Throughout the years, it has provided crucial services like the SPOT emergency signal device, which has played a significant role in rescuing over 9,500 hikers and boaters. Although Globalstar managed to generate a small operating profit in the June 2023 quarter, it still lags behind its main competitor, Iridium Communications (IRDM), in terms of revenue and earnings.

The Arrival of Paul Jacobs

To propel its growth and innovation, Globalstar has enlisted the expertise of Paul Jacobs. A team of wireless scientists and engineers, who previously collaborated with Jacobs at Qualcomm and XCOM, have joined him at Globalstar. Jacobs plans to leverage technologies from XCOM, which can efficiently transmit large amounts of data through limited wireless spectrum fragments. This technological breakthrough could enable Globalstar to play a crucial role in the vast landscape of the “Internet of Things” by connecting various moving objects, including vehicles.

A Welcome Partnership

Globalstar’s aspirations have been further fueled by a partnership with Apple. Apple’s $250 million prepayment this year has provided Globalstar with the capital necessary to upgrade its satellite and terrestrial technologies. In return, Globalstar is working with Apple to enhance emergency messaging services for new iPhones. This collaboration not only strengthens Globalstar financially but also positions them as a key player in the market.

The Advantages of Globalstar Technology

Compared to its competitors, such as OneWeb, Viasat (VSAT), and SpaceX’s Starlink service, Globalstar holds a unique advantage. Its system, which processes signals on the ground and employs satellites as signal relays, is perfectly suited for small and mobile devices. This feature sets Globalstar apart and ensures seamless connectivity for users on the move.

Unlocking the Potential of Spectrum

One of Globalstar’s greatest strengths lies in its ownership of both satellite and terrestrial wireless spectrum. Jacobs believes that this underappreciated asset, combined with the company’s technological expertise, has the potential to create immense value for customers. Globalstar’s team has a track record of successfully transforming overlooked spectrum into valuable assets, and they aim to replicate this success with their current venture.


Globalstar’s journey has been marked by challenges, but recent developments suggest a promising future for the company. With Paul Jacobs at its helm, Globalstar possesses the necessary expertise and technology to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the “Internet of Things.” Capital injections from Apple have given Globalstar the means to upgrade its infrastructure, further strengthening its position in the market. As Globalstar continues to innovate and unlock the potential of its wireless spectrum, the company is well-positioned to become a significant player in the evolving landscape of connectivity.

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