AX Trader Review

by Forex EA Top Team
AX Trader

The AX Trader is termed as a powerful new high-frequency trading currency robot. The developers state that it is capable of delivering up to 39% monthly profit automatically. On average, the lowest profit the system can make in a month is 10% while the highest profit can be as high as 46%. The developers indicate that a user could end up with more than $10,000 in just 6 months when they use it. This is after putting an initial deposit of $1000 in a substandard account. The robot can even generate more than 100% profit for the user in less than 3 months. However, the amount of profit a trader makes, in the long run, is dependent upon the lot size, movements in the market, and the size of the account. Information on the developers is lacking. Therefore, we could not determine their background or even their reputation in Forex Trading. 

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AX Trader Overview

The software has the following features and services:  

  • Full automation
  • Trades on 6 currency pairs: AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY
  • Works on the MT4 platform
  • In-built news detection technology
  • Customer support and full installation guide 
  • Built-in auto money management
  • Adaptable to market conditions
  • Free updates
  • User manuals 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


The robot is priced at $297 and $497. The former price incorporates a 1-year license that is renewable yearly. Failure to renew it will cause the software to turn off. The latter price integrates a lifetime license that is not subject to renewal. The software for this license will never turn off. Both payment options come with a 30-day money guarantee. The lifetime deal is quite expensive compared to the average price in the market. 

How it works

The system conducts trades automatically. According to the developers, it is custom-engineered to generate profits efficiently. A trader only has to follow the instructions for installation and let it make money passively with the broker of choice. 

Trading Strategy

The AX Trader applies a hybrid strategy that integrates grid and martingale trading approaches. The system works by assessing the direction the general trend in the market is taking. Concurrently, it adjusts the entry points based on that trend. The martingale strategy focuses on increasing the trade size twofold everytime a loss is made.

Trading Results

Backtesting results for the robot are absent. Therefore, we found it hard to ascertain how well the system performs in the long term. We could not tell how much it can grow the account over a prolonged period. In addition, establishing the degree of risk linked to the system was challenging.

AX Trader Trading Results

From the live trading results above, you can see that the system has generated a profit of $6720.63 from a deposit of $5,000. This represents a growth of 134.41%. The account which has been in operation for less than 3 months has been able to grow profits by more than 100%. This backs up the developers’ assertions. The daily and monthly profits stand at 0.97% and 33.39% respectively. The monthly profits align with the developers’ claim of the account’s ability to generate 10%-40% profits for the user. The drawdown is 67.99%. It is extremely high and this heightens the user’s risk of losing invested money. 

AX Trader advanced statistics

The account has been able to make 5911 trades. The win rates for longs and shorts are 80% and 78% respectively. The pips made are 4593.4. The average win (8.11 pips) is way lower than the average loss (27 pips). This just shows that the account has a high probability of making losses. The lot size (168.2) is also very high. It further draws attention to the system’s escalated risk of making losses. 

AX Trader Trading Results

The trading history above illustrates the martingale + grid combo applied by the system.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on this robot are lacking. Our search for user testimonials on different Forex robot customer review sites yielded no results. Subsequently, we could not tell if users are satisfied with this bot’s performance or not.

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