Absolute Review

by Forex EA Top Team

Absolute is a trading solution that was built around the scalping strategy to make profits on the market. It was unloaded on MQL5. We haven’t checked it for a month, so, now, it’s time to take a look at it once again. 

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Absolute features

The presentation provides us with proper explanations about the system and its features. We have grouped them in the following list for your comfort. 

  • We can expect that the robot will trade automatically on a terminal for us. 
  • The core strategy is scalping. 
  • The win rate can be as high as 99.5%. 
  • The system works with a  “no-loss” scalping strategy. 
  • It places orders based on the reversal patterns.
  • The advisor doesn’t use a risky combo of a Grid with Martingale. 
  • “The maximum win rate is achieved when trades follow the trend, SMA and Bollinger Bands can be used to determine the direction.”
  • It has a MT4 version. 
  • The system was properly tested on the five years data from 2015 to 2020. 
  • We can rely on protecting orders with SL and TP levels. 
  • We are allowed to decide what risks we are good to work with. 
  • There’s a Trailing Stop feature. 
  • We can rely on Spread Control. 
  • It had to be used only on a Hedge-account type. 
  • We have to have $200 on the balance. 
  • The leverage should be 1:50 or higher. 
  • We should use it on a VPS service. 
  • There are set files of GBPUSD and EURUSD on the M30 time frame provided. 


Absolute pricing.

The price was increased from $75 to $195. This is so much for this system. We have a rental option for $30. We can use the system for free for performing backtests and checking settings. 

How it works

  • It works automatically. 
  • It spots trading opportunities for us. 
  • The system calculates SL and TP levels. 
  • It opens and loses orders on the terminal. 

Trading strategy

  • The advisor performs a scalping strategy. 
  • We can work with EURUSD and GBPUSD. 
  • The only time frame is M30. 

Trading results

Absolute backtest report.

We have a GBPUSD report on M30 on the five year data. We don’t know what broker provided them. An initial deposit was $3,000. The leverage was 1:200. The history quality was 100%. The system provided $3,665 of the total net profit. The recovery factor was 7.65. The maximum drawdown was 0.08%. It has traded 351 orders with a 100% win rate for short and 99.41% for long trading positions. 

Absolute trading results.

The system works on a real account on WELTRADE automatically with 1:500 leverage. The platform is MT5. The account has a verified track record. It was created on February 25, 2021, and deposited at $1,000. The total gain has become 28.5%. An average monthly gain is 2.38%. The maximum drawdown is 10.65%. 

Absolute statistics.

The robot executed 89 deals with 610.9 pips. An average win is 6.86 pips. The win rate is 100% in both directions. An average trade length is 20 hours and 49 minutes. 

Absolute directions.

It trades two symbols. EURUSD is the most traded pair with 50 orders. 

Absolute hourly activities.

It works only during the European trading session. 

Absolute daily activities.

The advisor trades almost equally during a week. 

Absolute closed orders.

The advisor closed all orders in a profit. 

Absolute closed orders.

As a result, all traded months were profitable.

Customer reviews

The developer’s profile.

Aleksei Ostroborodov is a developer from Russia. His rate is 18,976. There are 11 products in his portfolio. 

People testimonials.

We have only positive testimonials written about the system. 

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